‘Pink Eye Pence’ Is Trending After Mike Pence’s Eyes Looked Red at VP Debate

Vice President Mike Pence is the topic of a lot of discussion right now over things that happened during the VP Debate and lots of people are talking about his eyes.

During the debate, it appeared that Pence had redness in his eyes, which led people to believe he may have pink eye.

#PinkEyePence is an actual trending topic that popped up on Twitter during the debate.

New York Times columnist Carl Zimmer pointed out on Twitter that researchers having identified pink eye as a possible primary symptom of COVID-19. The Vice President has said that he has tested negative for the coronavirus, despite being in close proximity to many people in the Trump administration who have tested positive.

During the debate, a fly landed on Pence‘s head and it became a huge trending topic that so many celebs joked about.

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