Power Book 2 season 2: Rashad Tate star hints at Tariq St Patrick’s feud ‘Always on guard’

Power Book 2 – Ghost Season 2 teaser trailer

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Power’s hit spin-off Power Book II: Ghost has finally returned to Starz and Rashard Tate (played by Larenz Tate) made a surprise appearance. With his political career going downhill, the actor spoke to express.co.uk about a potential feud with his rival’s son.

“Rashard knows the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so he has to be on his P’s and Q’s,” the actor revealed when asked about being close to Tariq.

In the second episode, fans watched in shock as the failed politician walked into Tariq St Patrick’s (Michael Rainey Jr) lecture at Stansfield University.

Both characters were also surprised to find themselves in the same room again after Rashad’s public bashing of his family.

In the original series of Power, viewers will remember Tariq’s father James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick was running against Rashad for the chance to become Governor in New York.

Larenz added: “He never assumes that everything is perfect and that this is a perfect world, so he’s always on guard.

“But he also knows that this is another person he is dealing with, he’s actually not dealing with James St Patrick – he’s dealing with Tariq.

“So when their paths cross it really draws you in to see where they’re going to go,” the actor explained.

As the original series of Power was coming to an end in season six, James had won the race which left Rashad upset and bitter.

Power Book showed fans he had been sleeping on his brother’s couch and feeling sorry for himself within those months.

As Power ended with James’ death, Rashad’s brother Kamaal Tate (Lahmard Tate) encouraged him to regain his confidence and a seat in politics.

This led the New York City councilman to get a job at Stansfield University, to provide cover after the death of Professor Jabari Reynold – who was killed by Tariq.

While fingers aren’t being pointed in the teenager’s direction just yet, he is, however, selling drugs on campus.

“Are they going to be rivals, and if that is the case, to what degree and to what extent.

“Or are they going to be on the same side to what extent, to what degree?” Larenz teased.

Viewers got a glimpse of this in the most recent episode when Tariq approached Rashad for help.

His younger sister had been taken into social services after their Grandmother who had full custody was arrested with a DUI.

As Rashad has friends in high places, the teenager had no one else to ask, however, the politician responded: “I can, but what will you do for me, Tariq?”

In order to help his younger sister, Tariq agreed to get information on Congressman Rick Sweeney, from his roommate Brayden Weston (Gianni Paolo) whose family had political ties.

Rashad had figured he would dig up some dirt on Sweeney and take his seat after he would be fired.

When asked if his character would regain his political influence, Larenz revealed: “He’s a very driven person, they’re going to be a bunch of hurdles and are going to be some roadblocks and Rashad way.

“But he’s certainly going to be motivated and inspired to focus on his agenda and his goals,” Larenz concluded.

Power Book II: Ghost season 2 continues Sundays on StarzPlay.

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