Power Book 2's Tariq actor lifts lid on 'scary' death threat backlash from fans after being exposed as Ghost's murderer

POWER Book 2 actor Michael Rainey Jr has told of being the target of "scary" death threats after his character Tariq's explosive murder plotline.

The 19-year-old was savagely trolled when it transpired his character had gunned down his father, Ghost (Omari Hardwick), in his own nightclub.

What's more, Tasha (Naturi Naughton) was wrongly detained for the crime, meaning Tariq literally got away with murder. 

The hard-hitting plotline prompted an outcry from viewers on social media, with a handful using disgusting death threats to show their disdain of the outcome.

Talking to The Sun's TV Mag about the unnerving situation, the Kentucky-born actor said: "When the death threats started happening I was like – this is scary.

"And what’s the point? People are going to react how they want to react."

Taking a hugely mature approach, he added: "I just took it as they paid attention to the character and they paid attention to the show – they must like it!

"I just go with the flow."

Talking of the on-screen implications for his character in spin-off Power Book 2, Michael added: "It was a hard decision for him, and now he’s living with it – he’s having to live with it for the rest of his life."

He added of the second series of Power, to be aired on StarzPlay: "Him and his mum are like a team now. He makes decisions for everyone’s best interests.

"Now he has to be smart, he can’t just act like a kid any more. He’s grown now."

Previously show boss Courtney Kemp explained why she felt Tariq had to be the one to murder his father.

“In the superhero rules of it, but also in the Shakespeare of it, once Kanan was off the table as an option, the only two people that would’ve been satisfying to the audience and would’ve felt like it was the story that we told were Tariq and Tasha,” she said.

In essence, Courtney explained Tasha could never have brought herself to kill Ghost, not because of mercy, but for the sake of their son.


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