'Power Book II: Ghost': Rashad Tate Is Going to Be a Real Problem for Tariq in Season 2

Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 will find Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.) between a rock and a hard place. As he tries to juggle his life as a college student with the ever-present danger of his work as a drug dealer, he’s going to be forced to lean on an unlikely person.

Tariq has friends in high places. However, New York City councilman Rashad Tate (Larenz Tate), is the last person he probably wants to rely on. In fact, Rashad is likely to be a huge problem for Tariq in Ghost Season 2.

Rashad Tate will play a huge role in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 2

If there is one thing we learned about Rashad Tate amid his failed bid for the New York Governor’s mansion in the final seasons of Power, it’s that he’s never to be underestimated. Now, the infamous character is set to return to Power Book II: Ghost in a major way.

“Tate will reprise his role as Rashad Tatea down-but-never-defeated Councilman,” the press release reads via Shadow and Act. “With the loss of the New York gubernatorial race still fresh, he refuses to feel sorry for himself. Some guidance from his brother pushes Tate to stop waiting for something to happen and use his influence to take action – leading him to unexpected places. After sampling a taste of power, Tate won’t be satisfied until he has the full meal, but he’ll have to decide what he’s willing to sacrifice for his seat at the table.”

Rashad Tate is going to be a major issue for Tariq

Now that his life as a drug dealer and a college student is on the verge of imploding, Tariq is going to need all the help and advice that he can get. With his mother Tasha (Naturi Naughton) in witness protection, Tariq will have to put his trust in some unlikely people. “He turns to those wielding power and influence: Davis MacLean and his new partner, Cooper Saxe, as well as Rashad Tate,” the Starz press release reads via TV Line. “All of these options come with a steep price.”

Davis and Saxe are already bad enough, but Tate is vicious and cannot be trusted. In the trailer for Power Book II: Ghost Season 2, Tariq can be seen asking Tate for help. However, we know that the councilman is neither a good mentor nor a good person and he’ll likely do whatever he can including hurting Tariq to get into the governor’s mansion.

‘Power’ star Lahmard Tate will also appear in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 2

We know that Rashad’s story will continue in the forthcoming spinoff, Power Book V: Influence and it appears that he will corrupt everyone around him. In addition to the Love Jones actor, his real-life brother, Lahmard Tate who stars as Rashad’s NYPD officer brother Kamaal Tate will also have a major role in Ghost this season.

“Kamaal is once again doling out brotherly advice following Rashad’s gubernatorial loss and, for once, it seems to take as Kamaal watches his little brother take on a new role serving the people,” the press release for Tate’s character reads. “Until Kamaal’s brought in on the investigation at Stansfield and he finds himself with a front-row seat for another one of Rashad’s escapades — but this time, Kamaal’s own career may be on the line.”

We don’t think Rashad would have qualms about hurting anyone, including his older brother.

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