President Trump's Interactions Before Positive COVID Test, Photo Contact Tracing

President Trump has been in close, maskless contact with many, many people — in his administration and otherwise — over the past several days … people he may have exposed to the coronavirus.

As you know … POTUS and First Lady Melania tested positive for COVID-19 Thursday night and Trump says they’ve begun their quarantine and recovery process.

Still, Trump contracting the virus now has everyone tracing his steps the past week. Even though he didn’t test positive until Thursday, he could have been contagious for several days prior. As we reported, his adviser Hope Hicks tested positive hours before Trump, and they had traveled together.

But let’s go back … to Saturday 9/26, when Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett and walks right next to her as both are not wearing masks.

On Sunday, Trump holds a conference meeting at the White House and later goes golfing at the National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia.

Monday’s a big day — the Prez meets with reps from Lordstown Motors out of Ohio on the South Lawn of the WH, as well as 2 members of Congress. Later, he’s in close contact with VP Mike Pence, members of his administration and Congress, and state officials during a conference, coincidentally, about COVID test kits.

Then of course, Trump travels with Melania and family to Cleveland on Tuesday for the first presidential debate. Though members of his family are seen wearing masks, Trump is not. Hope Hicks was among the team that traveled with Trump for the debate.

Now, several people, including VP Pence, Barrett and Joe Biden and his wife have tested negative — but that doesn’t mean everyone’s out of the woods because the virus has a gestation period.

On Wednesday, Trump travels to Minnesota for a private fundraiser and an outdoor rally. Again, Hicks is with him. At the rally, Trump tossed out hats to the crowd. Yikes!

On the return trip, Hicks reveals she feels ill and isolates herself on Air Force One. Despite her illness and close proximity to Trump, the President flies to his Bedminster, NJ resort Thursday for a private fundraiser. Several aides who were in proximity to Hicks scrap plans to accompany him.

Meanwhile, Ivanka — who also had close contact with her father, FLOTUS and Hicks — heads to Charlotte to meet with supporters. Soon after, it’s revealed Hicks has tested positive … as well has POTUS and FLOTUS.

Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, said Friday they’ve tested negative.

Keep in mind, this timeline just shows a broad overview of the potential spread and ripple effect of Trump’s positive test. There are many other people possibly exposed — several of whom have tested negative .. so far.

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