Prince Charles Accused of 'Not Keeping Up His End of the Bargain,' Urged to Let Prince William Be King Instead

As the heir apparent, Prince Charles will succeed his mother when her reign comes to an end, however, not everyone wants to see Charles as the next monarch.

Calls over the years for his oldest son, Prince William, to become king immediately after Queen Elizabeth II have been growing louder. And now, it’s being claimed that needs to happen because Prince Charles didn’t “keep his end of the bargain.”

Former politician didn’t mince words about why Prince Charles shouldn’t be king

One of the people calling for Charles to step aside and allow his eldest son to be king instead is former Labour MP Stephen Pound. He believes that the Prince of Wales should not be the next monarch because he has not “kept his side of the deal.”

“The deal we have with Prince Charles was, we pay for someone to squeeze the toothpaste onto his toothbrush, and he keeps out of politics,” Pound told talkRADIO (per Express). “We’ve kept our side of the deal, he hasn’t kept his side of the deal, and honestly, I’ve met him a couple of times, he’s a perfectly charming bloke, but he’s trying to be a constitutional and a ceremonial monarch. I honestly believe that someone like Kate [Middleton] could save the royal family.”

The ex-politician added: “Ultimately, I just want to see the confidence of this guy, I want to see the confidence to say we don’t have to be ruled over, we don’t have to be subjects, we can actually be citizens, in the same way that the Dutch are. What is wrong with that ceremonial monarch? We can keep the glitz and we can keep the glory and we can keep the tourists pouring through at the Tower of London, and Buckingham Palace, you name it.”

Changes that will be made when Prince Charles becomes the monarch

No matter how loud the calls grow for Charles to allow the crown to pass him and go directly to William after the queen, it almost certainly won’t happen. Becoming the next monarch is not only Prince Charles’ birthright but something he has wanted and prepared for his entire life. And when that happens there will be several changes.

A few of those include the words of the national anthem “God Save the Queen” switching to be sung as “God Save the King.” Another major change will be to the country’s money. A photo of the monarch is printed on the U.K. currency during the reign therefore once the Prince of Wales becomes king, the British pound will bear his picture instead.

Moreover, speculation has swirled for quite a while that Charles has plans to “slim down the monarchy” when he takes the throne. So we’ll have to wait to see who’s in and who’s out once that happens.

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