Princess Beatrice's Wedding Guest List Might Tell the World All They Need to Know About the Royal Family Dynamics

PrincessBeatrice is getting married, or, at the very least, she is planning to getmarried. The Princess announced her engagement back in September 2019, shortlybefore a flurry of crises befell the royal family. She has reportedly pushedback announcing her wedding plans twice already, and while she hasn’t made anofficial announcement just yet, palace insiders insist all systems are finallygo for aspring 2020 ceremony. While the world likely won’t see Princess Beatrice’swedding televised, everyone will be pouring over the guest list, and with goodreason. Who does and does not show up will likely tell royal family followersall they need to know about the tightly-guarded dynamics of the royal family.

When is Princess Beatrice gettingmarried?

Princess Beatrice took to socialmedia in September 2019 to announce her engagement to EduardoMapelli Mozzi, her boyfriend of less than a year. Mozzi is the CEO ofBanda, a luxury real estate group. The lead up to her wedding has been exceptionallyquiet for a royal wedding, most likely because her announcement came just asthe royal family began to unravel. Rumor has it that the Princess and Mozziwere forced to push back their plans at least twice because of family drama.

According to Town& Country, the wedding plans are finally coming together. It isbelieved she’ll marry in May and that the reception will be held at BuckinghamPalace. Prince William and Kate Middleton also held their reception at thepalace. Where the princess and Mozzi will actually tie the knot, however, seemsto be up in the air. It is safe to assume that if the pair do have their receptionat BuckinghamPalace, the ceremony will also be held somewhere in London. Middleton andPrince William opted for Westminster Abbey for their service, but expertssuggest Princess Beatrice will utilize a different landmark in London.

Will Prince Harry and MeghanMarkle be in attendance?

It’s hard to say who will attendthe princess’ wedding, considering all of the drama going on within the family.Sources allege that Prince Andrew, who is currently in hot water with the FBI,will still walk his daughter down the aisle. The disgraced prince opted toavoid his daughter’s engagement party because of the negative press associated withhisties to Jeffery Epstein. Her mother, who still enjoys astrangely close relationship to Prince Andrew, years after their divorce,will undoubtedly be in attendance as will her sister, Princess Eugenie, and othermembers of the royal family.

According to VanityFair, it’s far too soon to tell if Prince Harry and Markle will attendthe wedding or if they’ll even get an invite. “Megxit,” as the press has dubbedPrince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to step down from royal life, hasturned the royal family upside down. The prince and Markle are currentlysetting up their new home base, and they may actively avoid Princess Beatrice’snuptials. It’s been rumored that Markle is not a massive fan of Prince Andrew,and is slightly embarrassed by his ties to Epstein.

Whether or not they attend iskind of a big deal

While royal family followers willneed to wait until May to find out if the couple does show up at the ceremony,it’s safe to say their presence or lack thereof will tell the world all theyneed to know about the dynamic within the royal family. The queen has suggestedshe’s perfectly fine with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision to stepdown from royal life, but insiders claim that might not be the case. There area few critical pieces of evidence to suggest theroyal family is actually royally pissed.

Shortly after the announcement, PrinceHarry and Markle’s images were scrubbed from the family’s online gift shop.Their wedding china mysteriously disappeared from the website, and while thefamily would love fans to believe it was removed because it is sold out, othersold-out pieces are still on display. A royal insider told theExpress, that stripping the young prince of his military titles also senta message. The insider claims that while the queen and Prince Charles arepresenting a united front with Prince Harry and Markle, the couple has essentiallybeen exiled.

If they make it to the wedding,it could prove that the family will mend ties eventually. If they either don’tmake the guest list or choose not to attend, they are setting the foundationfor further estrangement, hypothesize experts. It will be a while until expertsget a chance to dissect the guest list, though. Princess Beatrice is continuingto keep a tight lid on her upcoming plans.  

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