Princess Charlene shows off her cute platinum pixie hairstyle in Monaco

Last November, Princess Charlene of Monaco sought medical treatment in Switzerland (reportedly). She spent the bulk of 2021 grounded in South Africa, dealing with what sounded like a hellish ENT infection. The infection left her unable to fly and she reportedly lost a great deal of weight. Even when she was cleared to return to Monaco, she did not seem well. So Albert sent her off to get treatment, and she stayed in Switzerland for four months or so. She came back to Monaco in March. We saw her for the first time in the family’s Easter portraits, where the body language didn’t look good between Charlene and Albert whatsoever.

So these are the first candid photos we’ve had of Charlene since her initial return to Monaco last November. Charlene, Albert and their twins attended the Formula E championship and Charlene was tasked with handing out the trophies. She didn’t look happy to be there at all. She mostly stayed in one place on the dais, with her arms around her daughter Gabriella.

I will say this though: her hair has greatly improved. Before the months spent in South Africa, Charlene had gotten a punked-out skaterboi haircut, half-shaved and not all that cute. Many called it a “cry for help” hairstyle. But now it looks quite chic – this is basically a Michelle Williams-esque pixie dyed platinum blonde. I’m shocked by how good this style looks on her. That being said, she looks so, so sad.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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