Pringles Is Selling Tubes Of Chips More Than Five Feet Tall

To celebrate Pringles Day, the potato chip company is giving its fans in Japan the chance to have a tube as tall as they are.

This holiday season is going to be quite a lot different from the one most will be familiar with thanks to the ongoing pandemic. Many will not be able to be with their families or travel farther than their own front door, at least for the most part. However, other elements of the holiday season will remain firmly in place.

In fact, those other elements will likely be celebrated harder than ever before to make up for the gaps left by the stuff we can’t do. Decorations started to go up as soon as the Halloween pumpkins were taken in. That would normally infuriate us to no end. However, given what we have all been through in 2020, we’re willing to let it slide this year.

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Another element of the holiday season that some will go in on hard this year is a personal favorite of ours. The food. Dieting and calorie counting goes out the window on Christmas Day and most of the other days surrounding it. Pringles has gotten the festive eating off to an early start in Japan. It decided to dub November 11, 2020, Pringles Day, and celebrated it the only way it knows how.

By giving 11 Japanese Pringles fans the chance to win a tube of chips as tall as they are. The tube that can be seen in the tweet above revealing the news is an impressive 161cm long. The reason for that height, in particular, is because that’s how tall the face of the company in Japan Fuwa-chan is. When translated, the thread explains that it will randomly select 11 winners to have a tube modeled on their own height.

As for the rest of the world, we’ll just have to stick to regular sized tubes of Pringles for now. We’re okay with that, to be honest. Just looking at the tube above makes us wonder what would happen if some of the chips got stuck halfway down. It’s hard enough digging stubborn chips out of a normal pringles tube, let alone one that is the length of our entire body.

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