Pub sells double pints of lager in huge glasses – but some think it’s bad idea

A woman’s local boozer has begun selling lager in massive two pint glasses – but she questions if it’s a good idea.

The drinker shared a snap of the huge double pints on Reddit in the CasualUK sub-forum.

Usually, a pint contains around 568ml of booze –that means a pint of a lower strength beer, lager or cider is around two units.

Or, a pint of higher strength booze (around 5.2% ABV) is three units per pint.

So that means one of this woman’s double pints contains between four and six units of alcohol – which is enough to get some people sloshed!

She captioned the snap: “My local is now selling lager in 2-pinters. This is a good idea, right?”

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The post quickly went viral with over 18,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

One person commented: “They’re great at gigs to save going back to the bar through the crowd as often.”

“They should use those German styled glasses with the handles,” added another. “Same amount of liquid too.”

While a third wrote: “I struggle to drink a whole pint before it gets warm.

“I can't imagine I'd enjoy drinking more than a whole pint of warm lager from a giant glass.”

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And, a football fan noted: “We had these in the Euros, worked well until you realise you’re still going to the bar just as often but drinking twice as much!!”

The NHS recommends drinking no more than 14 units of alcohol per week.

If you are struggling with your alcohol intake then see your GP for advice or visit for more resources.

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