‘Putting the UK at risk!’ Nick Ferrari slams British soldier for helping Ukrainian army

Nick Ferrari says we are now ‘paying the price’ for army cuts

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Journalist and broadcaster Nick Ferrari slammed the British soldiers who have defied their military orders in order to help fight in Ukraine. On Monday, it was confirmed a number of British soldiers had entered Ukraine secretly to help fight against Vladimir Putin and the Russian army. However, many in the UK, including Nick, slammed their decision to join the fight as they feel it could have negative repercussions for Britain.

After Matthew Wright praised their courage to join the war, Phillip Schofield said: “These are serving soldiers.

“I mean, the 19-year-old has ceremonial duties as a Coldstream Guardsman, and he suddenly disappeared.

“The difference here between him, he has his military training, although he is not where he should be now.

“There are reports today of guys who have gone out with no military training whatsoever, have arrived to say they want to fight, and the Ukrainians have said you are more of a liability than a help.

“If Putin were to capture one, two, half a dozen of these, he could then make the argument that secret soldiers are being sent over by the UK and the whole dynamic changes.

“I respect their bravery, but in this instance, I have to tell them to think again and get back.”

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