Rachel Shenton shares concern over ‘vicious’ interaction on All Creatures Great and Small

All Creatures Great and Small: Samuel West teases future series

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Rachel Shenton is beloved as one of the stars of the hit Channel 5 series All Creatures Great and Small. However, the star admitted she struggled with one aspect of filming with a “vicious” animal co-star.

In a recent interview, Rachel shared how filming on the series works.

The actor shared how she learnt a new skill when having to deal with animals on the show.

Asked what she’s picked up, the actress said: “Geese wrangling!

“They can be quite vicious.

“The key is not to move your arms too much.

“If you need anyone for the job. I’m your girl!” she added to New! magazine.

As fans of the show will know, Rachel plays Helen Alderson, one of the vets at the Yorkshire surgery.

Fans have loved watching her relationship with James Herriot (played by Nicholas Ralph) develop on the series.

However, the actor who plays her beau recently admitted they were left concerned over a stunt on the show’s set.

Nicholas shared how one moment in the latest series saw the pair sitting on top of a barn.

He admitted he was slightly concerned about how this would hold their weight.

The actor said: “I remember I read the scene and thought, ‘This is perfect’.

“However, when I first saw the barn had a slate roof, I wondered if it was going to hold us but thankfully it was fine when we were actually up there.

“We had to be harnessed on to the top.

“But the top was flat and wide so once we were up there it was absolutely fine,” he explained to The Mirror.

All Creatures Great and Small returns to Channel 5 tonight with its final episode.

However, the series will be returning with a Christmas special later in the year.

Star Samuel West also shared how they have plans to keep filming.

In a chat with Alan Titchmarsh last week, he was asked if the show was ending.

The actor replied: “No, having too much fun.

“We’re going a third certainly, and I wouldn’t mind if we did a fourth or a fifth as well.”

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