Radio Ones Matt Edmondson shares diagnosis of rare mood disorder

Radio One star, Matt Edmondson has revealed that he has been diagnosed with a rare mood disorder.

The 35-year-old presenter shared the details of his personal diagnosis on Instagram and explained that several years ago he was told he has cyclothymia.

Cyclothymia is a disorder that causes periods of feeling depressed followed by periods of extreme happiness.

In the honest post to his 106,000 followers, Matt admits that the coronavirus pandemic left him anxious about his mental health so he began writing his own album to help him cope titled, Not Another Love Song.

The TV personality has opened up about his diagnosis, as he releases the first song from that new album, all of which are collaborations with his “favourite pop stars”.

In the series of screenshots of his iPhone notes, Matt explained: "It all started in lockdown – like lots of people, I was quite scared of the prospect of lots of isolation, of my usual work disappearing and of any normal sense of routine going out the window.

“For my mental health I find having a ‘project’ to work on is what keeps me grounded.”

The Radio One presenter went on to talk about cyclothymia and the “mood cycles” it brings on.

He continued: “It’s a bit like Bipolar Two, but with a significantly less extreme mood spectrum. It means my mood cycles frequently between stages of euphoric productivity and depression.

“For a long time, I was in either one of these two moods. The ‘up’ times truly do feel fantastic."

Matt revealed that it can be “challenging” to deal with these extreme ups and the downs as they become "all consuming.”

The up times, Matt wrote: "They're not so great for people in my life-because whatever idea I’m drawn to at the time is quite all consuming.

"I don’t get much sleep, don’t eat when I should… I didn’t realise until I was diagnosed with Cyclothymia that this was equally as challenging as the depressive episodes.”

The DJ went on to explain that it was ultimately feeling “incredibly low” that led him to seek medical advice.

"My low times after often accompanied by incredibly strong anxious thoughts, catastrophisation (is that a word? Red dots say 'no') and panic [sic]."

Matt disclosed that he’d been struggling for years so the diagnosis was “life changing” as it helped him to understand the patterns of his moods.

While, the diagnosis helped Matt feel more in control, he says that it was making music that “saved” him.

Matt added: "So – the depression. This is going to sound corny, but it's true. Discovering making music saved me. See, it's a bit corny isn't it?"

His project, Not Another Love Song, is a collaboration album with some of his favourite artists. The first song to be released is Hayfever, which he co-wrote with X-Factor winner, James Arthur.

He describes the album as a “dream” filled with “serious songs with silly subjects.”

Since sharing this honest post, Matt has been inundated with messages of support from friends and his radio co-stars.

Fellow Radio One presenter, Clara Amfo commented: "'Corny' is a word that we are all guilty of using to police the truth, in many cases our or others joy. You’re not corny, you’re bravely letting people see who you are and accepting all of yourself publicly, not easy. Salute."

TV and radio personality Gaby Roslin also shared her support and said: "You are awesome Matt. So great that you’ve spoken about this and you are blooming brilliant at all you do. You fill the world with positivity and joy, so thank you for that. Can’t wait to hear the songs. Sending big love to you lovely Matt."

As Queer Eye's Tan France added: "I had no idea, mate. I’m so glad you have an outlet that offers you some balance and joy. I can’t wait to hear the album."

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