Rapper Ja Rule Selling NFT Painting From Fyre Festival Media

Add Ja Rule to the list of names hopping on the NFT rocketships. The rapper is looking to sell art that was hung at Fyre Media’s headquarters in New York. He has held onto the piece since the downfall of the company in 2017.

The work, by Tripp Derrick Barnes, is an oil painting featuring a magnificent flame against a black background. According to Ja, the original plan was to get rid of it in the most down-to-Earth way imaginable – eBay.

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Plans changed when he was convinced to sell it as a Non-Fungible Token. Joined by a group of software engineers to launch a platform called Flipkick, he has plans to enter the NFT space and turn this epic painting into one of the newest versions of uncopiable currency.

It was Robert Testagrossa, Flipkick’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, who first  explained the way NFTs work to Ja Rule. Always on the hunt for the most innovative directions, Koz linked up with Testagrossa’s company as a new partner and this piece became the first one that Flipkick has sold.

The sale starts Tuesday at noon Eastern Standard Time, alongside three other works. The items beside the Fyre painting include mixed-media artist Ben Katz’s circuit board sculptures, a painting by French artist Lady Jday, and woven sculptures by Canadian design workshop Studio Dan, according to an email sent out from the company.

The physical works are authenticated by the company through the addition of a cryptographically secure link to the NFT. Once sold, the buyer is free to resell the physical art, or redeem the linked token for the artwork. If chosen to trade the token in for the piece, the buyer will “burn” the token, but the link inside “forever cryptographically authenticate the physical piece,” the company said. It ensures that the art is never the victim of counterfeiting.

Ja Rule was born Jeffrey Atkins in Hollis, Queens back in 1976. His world debut as a rapper began alongside a group called Cash Money Click in 1999, with Vennie Vetti Vecci and Holla Holla as their initial singers. From there, Rule saw massive success including several top 20 of US Billboard Hot 100 chart hits, including “Between Me and You” with Christina Millian, “I’m Real” with Jennifer Lopez, “Always on Time” with Ashanti, and “Wonderful” with R. Kelly and Ashanti.

This latest quest by Rule to embrace the future of cryptocurrency speaks volumes for the newfound attention that the currency has garnered. Before long, we might all have NFTs in our portfolios.

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