Real kitchen nightmares! Amateur chefs share their cooking disasters

Real kitchen nightmares! Amateur chefs share their cooking disasters – from a chicken burnt to a crisp to a boiled egg gone VERY wrong

Amateur chefs have shared some of their most disastrous cooking fails to date – and it doesn’t look like they’ll be awarded any Michelin stars any time soon. An amusing gallery of photographs showcasing some of the worst attempts from around the world have been collated by Bored Panda – including a hedgehog-inspired cake which is enough to give even the bravest a bad nightmare. Elsewhere, a roast chicken looks almost unrecognizable after being burnt to a crisp, while another struggled to even boil an egg.

People from all over the world have shared their worst cooking fails to date – including this amateur chef, from an unknown location, whose hedgehog-inspired cake is the stuff of nightmares.

A man, from the US, shared this snap of a turkey which was burnt to a crisp by his sister, who left it in the oven for far too long.

Another person, from an unknown location, planned to rustle up an adorable bun shaped like a ladybird…but life had other plans.

One man, from the UK, even struggled when he took things back to basics and tried to boil an egg – with disastrous results.

Another person, from the US, had a dough-related nightmare just five minutes before the restaurant was due to close for the night.

One man, from Minnesota, told how his sister tried to make a sweet peppermint treat, but used the wrong tray in the oven.

This amateur chef, from Australia, shared the terrifying results of her attempt at blueberry pancakes. 

Another person, from  California, attempted to create adorable cat-inspired cakes, but they didn’t quite turn out as planned.

This amateur chef, from Japan, used a syringe to inject jelly into their buns – with terrible consequences. 

In Lithuania, a family saw red when an optimistic dad’s attempt at making wine created nothing more than a mess. 

One person, from the US, told how their sister left the kitchen covered in ashes after her attempt at cooking chips ended badly.

In the US, a  couple were shocked to find they had left a spoon in the cake they had baked at home. 

Another person, from an unknown location, shared the mess they created when they tried to cook a homemade meal. The substance in the pan is unknown. 

This man, from Worthington, Ohio, revealed what happened when his wife tried to grill a corn on the cob on the barbecue. 

One person, believed to be from German, posted a snap to show what happened when they left some dough to rise overnight. 

This amateur chef, from Korea, told how their sweet potato was still burning when it was extracted from the oven.

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