Reginae Carter Apologizes for Twitter Rant Against Rickey Smiley After He Comments on Her Relationsh

One day prior, the daughter of Lil Wayne called out the radio host after she thought she suggested that her recent hand injury might have been caused by her boyfriend, Armon Warren.

AceShowbizReginae Carter regretted slamming Rickey Smiley. After calling out the radio host as fans accused him of stating false allegations about her relationship with Armon Warren, the daughter of Lil Wayne took to social media to issue an apology.

“I apologize for yesterday. I spoke on something I didn’t know much about. And that brought up age where it wasn’t even needed,” she wrote on the blue-bird app on Saturday, April 8. “I’m in a place where I don’t want unnecessary drama and I don’t want to offend anyone! Have a great Saturday.”

This arrived after Rickey and his crew were discussing speculation that Armon abused Reginae as she has been nursing a hand injury on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show”. The show later played audio of Reginae’s denial.

“Not y’all still asking what happened to my hand,” Reginae was heard saying, claiming that she sprained her hand after falling on the set of her upcoming movie. “I was on set of my movie and I fell the wrong way, and that’s what happened and I sprained it.”

“One thing I don’t play about is abuse,” she stressed. “My man don’t ever put his hands on me, so don’t you ever make that wild statement up. Because one thing about i, these hands might be a little injured, but they work, for you. Don’t play with me.”

Responding to Reginae’s explanation, Rickey said, “Oh wow…well yeah, set the record straight.” He added, “If somebody is just sitting up there just making accusations of her boyfriend. That’s crazy.”

Reginae, for some reason, thought that Rickey suggested her relationship with Armon was plagued with domestic violence. “Seek help Da,m!!! One thing I don’t play about is defaming someone’s character. Esp people who I love,” she tweeted after the show aired.

She added in a separate tweet, “I’m so drained with the internet tbh. I’ve grown up in this industry and watched it mess up so many friendships and relationships over lies and bulls**t. Two young people in love, getting to their money, and minding their business ruffle too many old mfs feathers.”

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