RHOBH fans rip Erika Jayne for 'lying' as she claims ex Tom Girardi was 'hospitalized during burglary' at $16M mansion

REAL Housewives of Beverly Hills fans ripped Erika Jayne for "lying" after she claimed ex Tom Girardi was "hospitalized during a burglary" at his $16million mansion.

The 50-year-old left many viewers confused with her story during Wednesday's episode.

While sitting down with Kyle Richards, Erika admitted she was under a lot of stress after Tom's home had been burglarized.

The Bravo star claimed Tom tried to confront the burglars and ended up in the hospital due to his Glaucoma.

In a confessional, Kyle slammed Erika for being dishonest and waiting days to tell her about the incident.

The RHOBH star said: “There seems to be a pattern. We’ll spend time with Erika and find out later there was this big situation in her life going on that she doesn’t share with us.”

Kyle, 52, continued: “When Erika withholds information, she just makes it hard to be able to support her.”

Erika explained Tom “confronted the burglar and then he had to go to the hospital and then have some sort of surgery.”

Erika added she “wasn’t sure” about his medical condition since she can’t see him.

Kyle expressed her skepticism in a confessional, sharing: “So Tom was burglarized how did she find out? Tom confronted the burglars? Did they do anything to him?"

Another factor in Erika's story is that her son's car "flipped five times" due to the snow as he drove him from visiting Tom in the hospital.

Kyle continued: "And what about your son? Was he hurt? Did his car flip? Is he okay?

"This story obviously sounds unbelievable. That’s the only word I can think of. It sounds unbelievable. Do that mean I don’t believe her? No. But it’s unbelievable.”

Many fans agreed with Kyle's skepticism, as one person wrote on Twitter: "Erika's going to turn into pinocchio with all the lies she tells."

While sharing a meme of a confused man pointing at a map, another added: "Erika explaining anything related to Tom Girardi."

A third expressed their confusion by writing: "Tom’shousewasbrokenintoandheconfrontedtheburglarandthenhadtogohaveeyesurgeryandthenmysonhadtogooverandhelpandmysonherolledhiscar5timesonthewayhomesoyeah…I’m under a lot of stress."

Many fans poked fun at the inconsistency of Erika's story, as one person commented: "Tom fell off a cliff, then his glaucoma acted up and he got a peg leg, his dog ate his deposition, he broke out in hives, ugh I’m really stressed. Bwahahahaha ok Erika what else happened?!"

An additional RHOBH viewer wrote: "Tom confronted a burglar then rolled his car 5 times?!?! On what planet is Erika living on that she thinks anyone buys this?!?!?!?"

A following person tweeted: "What did the burglar do to Tom that he needed eye surgery? Why and how was it snowing in Pasadena? Did Erika’s son die after flipping his car 5 times and she’ll just tell everyone about it later when she needs more sympathy? How does anyone believe this s**t?"


On January 22, police were called to Tom's Pasadena residence at around 11:15 pm following an alleged break-in, Law360 reported.

The Pasadena Police Lt. Bill Grisafe told the outlet that officers arrived at the home and found signs of forced entry through a broken window.

The police were not sure what was stolen from the home and when the break-in actually happened, while it was unclear at the time whether Tom or any staff was present at the time.

The incident happened shortly after Erika as moved into a $1.5m Los Angeles home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms following her filing for divorce from her husband of 20 years.

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