'RHONY': Sonja Morgan Tells Ramona Singer to 'Shut the F**k Up'

After nearly destroying the property in season 12, Leah McSweeney is ready to bring some positive energy to The Real Housewives of New York City co-star Ramona Singer’s Hamptons estate in season 13, but Ramona might not be ready to receive it. Or, rather, understand how to receive it, as seen in ET’s exclusive sneak peek at episode 2.

To entertain themselves during their extended stay at Chateau Singer, Leah hosts a Burning Man-themed party, complete with a “healer” named Devi.

“We’re doing a sound bath tonight,” Devi explains to the group. “Help us relax, release the old.”

“What exactly is healing?” Ramona whisper-asks Leah. “I’m not quite sure.”

“A healer’s just, you know, it’s a title,” Devi goes on to say. “That’s not actually what’s happening. No one can heal yourself but yourself.”

“But heal from what?” Ramona inquires. “Heal from pain? From sorrow? Heal, like, you’re stuck in a place? What are we healing from?”

“It transcends an explanation, you don’t even need to know,” Leah tells Ramona, confusing the pinot grigio fan even more. The other ladies try to ease what appear to be Ramona’s fears about the experience by telling her she’ll simply “feel the relief” as the process continues.

“Don’t intellectualize it,” Leah says. With that, Ramona stops asking questions… until Devi says the first thing the women need to do is to acknowledge any feelings they need to release amongst one another.

“OK, I know I’m interrupting, I’m sorry,” Ramona starts, as Sonja Morgan leans into Leah and says, “I need to get away from this energy!”

Ramona continues to rattle off questions about the purpose of healing, with Devi telling her it’s simply “a moment to pause.” That’s when Sonja cracks, “It’s a moment to shut the f**k up!” 

Watch the full back-and-forth exchange play out here:

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