RHONY Star Bershan Shaw Reveals She Had 'Bumps in the Road' with Eboni K. Williams (Exclusive)

The newest cast member also said she doesn’t believe Ramona Singer is a racist.

Bershan Shaw defended Ramona Singer after some of the “Real Housewives of New York” stars accused Ramona of posting IG snaps with Black friends — including Bershan and Eboni K. Williams — to change the narrative of her being racist.

“Ramona is not racist,” the URAWarrior app founder told TooFab recently. “Ramona just lives in her own bubble. A lot of people don’t grow up in a diverse background. They don’t grow up with a lot of Blacks around or with a lot of hispanics — they live in their world. So when Ramona and I met, we hit it off right? We hit it off because she’s a straight shooter and I’m a straight shooter.”

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“I don’t think she does anything that remotely is racist,” Bershan continued. “I just think she’s learning about Black women and learning and growing because she hasn’t been around us her whole life. I don’t think it’s anything malicious. What people don’t know, they just don’t know.”

On recent episodes, Eboni — the first Black Housewife on “RHONY” —  has been teaching the other women about microaggressions against people of color and the idea of white fragility. For Bershan, she understands Eboni’s efforts, but argues the other women may not be receiving the lessons the way Eboni intended.

“Eboni has a cause and she is trying to teach and show them, but I think you got to know your audience,” Bershan explained. “You can’t just sort of slam it in people’s face. I think it’s a way you do it — everybody’s different and they learn different, and they want to hear it differently, so there’s no negativity against Ebony because she has a cause and she wants to teach and this is what she wants to do. So I think she’s trying to let them get it and talk about it all the time and I think they’re not learning like that, they’re not getting it, you got to know your audience.”

Admittedly outspoken, Bershan said that quality would get her into a bit of trouble with the other cast members down the road, including Eboni.

“I had a little mini  — Eboni and I — it’s just bumps. I feel like it’s bumps in the road. It’s getting to know each other. We come at two different opinions and two different ways to communicate. So I think we’re not the same and we shouldn’t be. I got to respect her for being different — respect me for being who I am. I don’t want anybody to be like me. That’s boring, boring as sh–. Be who you are, be different.”

And Bershan praised Bravo for the chance to film with Eboni because her favorite thing about this season was the “diversity.”

“Kudos to Bravo and Andy and everybody for really bringing in diversity,” she said. “Kudos for them taking the leap and saying, ‘All right, let’s change it up a little bit, let’s spice it up, let’s bring in some things that are hard to talk about, fun to talk about, its drama. Wait and see — it’s some good stuff that’s coming on.”

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As for taking the chance to hold her own apple if it was offered, Bershan exclaimed, “Never say never. I’m having fun.”

Meanwhile, Bershan is also focused on launching her app URAWarrior, a one-stop shop for mental health and wellness.

“During COVID I realized so many people were going through so much and even after –financially, depression, anxiety, loneliness — and I was just thinking, ‘What about a social networking site for support?'” she explained. “I’m a coach and I like coaching people and I want people to get the help. So I built a social networking site with my money — no trolling, no negativity, no bullying just all about whatever you need through coaches. We have celebs, we have experts helping you get by, talking real stuff because a lot of times we talk fake stuff, when we really need to help.”

“The Real Housewives of New York” airs Tuesdays on Bravo.

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