Rick and Morty age rating UK: What is Rick and Morty rated in Britain?

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Rick and Morty season four started on Adult Swim and Channel 4’s E4 last year. The series took a few months off before returning in May for the final five episodes in the season. The comedy has already been confirmed for a fifth series but a release date hasn’t been revealed.

Rick and Morty is about Rick Sanchez, an incredibly talented scientist who goes to stay with his daughter Beth and her family.

While living under the same roof, he develops a bond with grandson Morty who accompanies him on his trips to the multi-verse, time travelling and exploring space together.

Every now and again, he also includes the rest of his family Beth, granddaughter Summer and son-in-law Jerry.

But while this might sound like a nice family-friendly idea for a show, some of the series’ content wouldn’t be suitable for young viewers.


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While Rick is a scientific genius who has managed how to travel through time and space, he is also lazy, selfish and at times ruthless, showing little care for the ones around him.

This in turn leads to Morty getting gruesomely killed in different universes, as well as emotionally scarred thanks to Rick’s actions.

Not only this, there is plenty of violence, swearing, topped off with sex and the use of drugs and alcohol from time to time.

So while the series can be fascinating in terms of its well thought out scientific plots, it isn’t a show for the light hearted.

What is Rick and Morty rated in Britain?

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) is a non-Governmental organisation which is responsible for the classification and censorship of films and television being released in the UK.

While the fourth series is not yet listed on the BBFC’s website, Rick and Morty has given a rating.

The BBFC has rated Rick and Morty seasons one to three as a 15.

So the first three seasons of Rick and Morty are suitable for those aged 15 and older to watch.

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The reasoning behind this rating for the first two series has been listed as “strong language, sex references, bloody violence”.

But for the third season, these reasons as well as a “scene of drug misuse” has also been referenced.

If parents are considering allowing their children to watch Rick and Morty, they should bare this rating in mind.

For viewers who are already fans of the show, the latest season of the cartoon is now available to watch on Netflix.


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Rick and Morty season four was released on Netflix today, Tuesday, June 16.

All 10 episodes are now available to watch on the streaming service if you are a subscriber.

The first three series of Rick and Morty are also on Netflix so fans of the show can re-watch the entirety of the popular sci-fi cartoon.

Rick and Morty is available to watch on Adult Swim.

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