Rod Stewart rules out football club plans as he reckons it made Elton go bald

Rod Stewart says he won’t buy a football club – because it made his pal Elton John go bald.

Celtic fan Sir Rod, 76, who is famous for his spiky barnet, said: “Would I buy a club? No chance – I saw what it did to Elton.

“Elton went bald while he was at Watford.

“He couldn’t kick a ball to save his life, Elton, but his heart was really in it. No thanks, I’ll stick to being a supporter.”

Sir Elton took over at the Hornets in 1976. He had been a fan since he was a kid and pumped cash into the club for years before selling up in 1987.

His highlight was reaching the 1984 FA Cup Final.

You Wear It Well singer Sir Rod said: “Elton was in the Royal box and I had a good seat and we waved to each other.”

He told former Spurs boss Harry Redknapp on his podcast he became a massive Celtic fan because of his Scottish-born dad.

The London-born rocker was even one of the Tartan Army who ran on to the Wembley pitch after Scotland’s 2-1 win over England in 1977.

He said: “I never really supported any London team.

“I went down West Ham a few times as a kid. But my heart was always north of the border because of me dad.

“I could tell you stories about me getting up to watch Celtic matches around the world.

“I was supposed to be appearing in Hong Kong and Celtic were playing.

“And I worked out, if we get to Shanghai, there’s a Celtic Supporters Club there.

“So I got a flight to Shanghai, went to this little bar and it couldn’t have been much bigger than a toilet."

He added: “It was full of Celtic supporters crammed in watching a little tiny screen.

“I spent the night there, watched the game although it kept going off because it was, like, 20 years ago.

“I’ve gone to extreme lengths to watch the boys.”

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