Roman Kemp says he’s ‘going for the Jack Grealish chop’ with new haircut

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Jack Grealish’s curtain bangs have become something of an icon in their own right, sparking a resurgence in the hairstyle in 2021. Just ask Roman Kemp, whose new haircut was inspired by the England footballer.

Taking to Instagram Stories on Wednesday, radio host Roman was seen in the barber's chair getting a fresh trim with his hair parted in the middle à la the Premier League player.

"Going for the actual Jack Grealish chop today," he captioned the short clip mid-appointment, alongside a laughing emoji.

That said, it looks like the 28 year old hasn’t quite taken the plunge with styling his hair this way on the regular, as he was later spotted on Instagram Stories with his usual swept up ‘do.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ll be aware of Jack Grealish's famous haircut, as the 25 year old has become something of a heart-throb. (He even shared his haircare routine for us all to copy.)

So popular is the curtains-and-headband combo that new research by Vera Clinic found that men with the hairstyle get the most matches on Tinder, managing to secure an average of 52 matches per month.

Roman’s Instagram stories come shortly after singer Anne-Marie told the Capital radio presenter that she has actually previously ghosted the newly-signed Manchester City player (among several others).

"There's actually a lot, because I'm quite bad at that," she told Roman and his co-hosts Sonny Jay and Sian Welby, when asked by a nine-year-old listener who was the last person she had left "on read" on WhatsApp. "So I can just go through it now if you want."

"Oh my god, this is so bad, I'm sorry to everyone I'm going to say," she continued. "Ronan Keating… Jack Grealish…"

"Jack Grealish! This is amazing, keep going!" Roman shouted, while the young caller asked, "What’s Jack Grealish’s number, please tell me!"

In other football-related hair news, Marcus Rashford has also had something of a dramatic hair makeover, bleaching the top section of his usually dark tresses blond.

Only time will tell whether or not Roman will make the switch to a Grealish curtains-style hairdo a permanent fixture. We say why not…

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