Royal household ‘fearful’ over Prince Harry’s ‘£29million’ bombshell book deal

The royal household are thought to be 'fearful' over Prince Harry's alleged £29million book deal.

On today's episode of Lorraine, Ranvir Singh was covering for the Scottish host when The Mirror's royal editor Russell Myers appeared on the show.

The pair discussed the rumours surrounding Prince Harry's book deal, while addressing the four book rumour – that Prince Harry has recently denied.

Speaking to Ranvir, the Russell said: "Controversially, one of these books may be required to be written after the Queen's death."

He then went on to highlight that this has in fact been denied by Prince Harry and his agent.

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"Harry's lawyers didn't come back to the initial request from the media outlet that did the story, but they eventually did and they released a statement saying these are 'false and defamatory allegations'

"However, a bit of conjecture about whether it was just about the memoirs, about whether he was going to release the book after the Queen's death as well, so I think it's still up in the air very much."

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Ranvir was shocked as she chimed in: "They're going to be causing some quite worried, sleepless nights in the royal household."

Royal Editor Russell Myers said: "I think that is an understatement to be honest, there are certainly huge, huge fears across the royal household."

This comes as rumours spiral surrounding the claims that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will reportedly write a new book on “leadership” – with the duchess also tipped to write a memoir.

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The Duke of Sussex has signed a publishing deal and will be writing his own book about his life – from his time in the palace to his move to Hollywood with Meghan Markle.

The deal was announced by Penguin Random House, with publication expected in late 2022.

Prince Harry said: "I’m writing this not as the prince I was born but as the man I have become."

The prince struck a deal with Penguin Random House which covers four publications, Page Six reports.

Harry and Meghan will reportedly produce another book focusing on “leadership and philanthropy”.

A source said: “With such a steady drumbeat of all the Harry announcements, you have to imagine that the Meghan dial is going to be dialed up.

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