Sam Faiers posts sweet picture with her two kids as they enjoy boat trip on the Thames

SAM Faeirs and her young family enjoyed an idyllic cruise on the Thames, even though they did get stuck.

The Mummy Diaries star, 29, joined husband turned boat captain, Paul Knightley and their two children Paul, 4, and Rosie, two on their river adventure.

Sam clearly loved the family time and posted videos and pics throughout their entire trip.

Paul confidently drove the boat as the young children pointed out interesting landmarks across the way.

Things were going really well until they momentarily got caught and had to be "rescued".

A plump of geese surrounded the boat and watched on with curiosity at the stranded family of four before they were on their way again.

Sam rocked a comfortable white cardigan over jeans and black sunglasses, while she dressed Rosie in a matching yellow and blue polka dot summer top and shorts.

The boys opted for matching grey t-shirts for their boat trip.

Sam captioned the Instagram story: "Family day.. little adventure on the Thames."

Their river fun came on the same day Sam revealed she had battled adult acne while breastfeeding Rosie.

On Tuesday, she nervously posted a candid, make-up free photo of her skin when it was at its worst and admitted to using Instagram filters to keep her secret.

Showing her skin covered in large spots of acne, the former Towie star revealed she'd kept her battle a secret.

Sam wrote: "I’ve been really nervous about posting this picture. The last few years I’ve been very quiet about the fact that I’ve been suffering with adult acne – in my case, it was hormonal.

"After breastfeeding Rosie, my skin just broke out and I couldn’t get it under control. I tried absolutely everything. It felt like the more I was doing to stop it, the worse it became."

She added: "I’ve been so embarrassed about it and have used filters on Instagram to try and hide it. I would always edit and smooth my skin in pictures and I definitely wouldn’t leave the house without makeup.

"I initially started to use collagen skincare products for the anti-ageing qualities but soon noticed a dramatic reduction in breakouts along with my skin becoming firmer, lines reducing and my skin feeling more hydrated."

Sam then revealed her skin trouble inspired her to start her own skincare line to combat the acne.


She wrote: "That’s why I set out to create a collagen skincare brand @revivecollagen. 

"Over the past two years, I’ve been working with some of the UK’s top laboratories to bring to the market a uniquely formulated skincare brand that delivers real results."

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