‘Sam Smith is happy and sexy – but some people can’t accept it as they’re not thin’

Sam Smith recently released a brand new music video for their catchy hit, I'm Not Here to Make Friends.

In the four minutes, we see Sam attending a lively party, and working the room in some incredible outfits – at one point their ensemble is a corset and nipple tassels. But while some people have celebrated their artistic choices, others have been negative about the video, and criticised Sam for being too overtly sexualised.

This prompted Jameela Jamil to post a statement to her Instagram that read: "People were OK with Sam Smith when they were singing about being sad and lonely. But happy, confident and thriving Sam Smith is sending people over the edge.

"We have known for YEARS that there are severe body image issues in the LGBTQ+ community. And yet in 2023, people from within that very community even, jump at the chance to shame anyone who challenges the status quo. What threatens you about proof that you can be loved and love yourself without a (slightly pointless) 8 pack?"

Celebrity, TV and film Stylist Ray Wooldridge, 37, who lives in London is part of the LGBTQ+ community is in total agreement and shares his thoughts on the backlash…

"I first watched Sam Smith's I'm Not Here to Make Friends music video after seeing the barrage of negativity and hate online. I was looking for the filth and the shocking queer scenes I’d read about. In fact, the music video is no different from what we see from artists such as Madonna, Lil Nas X, Years and Years, Harry Styles or even Little Mix at times. However, Sam is non-binary and doesn't fit the traditional industry beauty standards.

I sadly always expect a certain level of backlash whenever you see queer representation in the mainstream music industry, but I didn't predict the outpouring of hate and outright homophobia that’s been circulating for days now. It highlights just how far we have to go, and how much discrimination non-binary people face. We should be focusing on what unites all these artists – extreme talent and creativity, and championing Sam for this much-needed representation.

Sam's confidence in who they are is what seems to have gotten folks backs up. The fact that a person who doesn't adhere to others' beauty standards, is non-binary, is happy and thriving is what has caused a stir and it's sad. We need this representation. Sam being confident in themselves will enable others to be the same.

I think all people from all walks of life regardless of status or celebrity should be able to express themselves authentically, If Sam feels fabulous, who are we to judge?

Sam looks so much happier and sexier now, and it's pretty sad how many people would prefer them to be thin, closeted and depressed.

Within the entertainment industry, there is definitely a question of 'What should the perfect celebrity look like?'. If Sam Smith were thin, straight and cis, they wouldn't be ridiculed for how they presented themselves or dressed. When Harry Styles wears similar outfits on stage or on a magazine cover he's celebrated and adored.

Within the gay community, body standards are an issue. We tend to want to box people up or label them: twinks, daddys or bears etc. Folks shouldn't feel the need to align themselves with a label but unfortunately, they do. We should be more accepting and encouraging of one another in all shapes, sizes and forms.

I see even people within the LGBTQ+ community being nasty about their body and gender pronouns.

Thankfully, there have been positive responses from within the community too, and I’ve also seen quite a lot of allies come forward defending the video and queer representation more generally.

The music video is going to be talked about for years to come. It is an extravaganza of costumes designed by the likes of Christian Cowan, Valentino & Pierpaolo.

From the cream corset with pearls, nipple covers and sparkly gloves to the full glittering gold suit and cape. It's giving looks for days! I appreciated the willingness to place sex front and centre, but in a tasteful manner. It's far from the cries of it being 'pornographic' or even 'offensive'.

As a society, I think we need to be more educated and we need to learn to be more tolerant and accepting of difference.

I know one thing for sure, my younger self would have been gagged if they saw this music video."


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