Sam Thompson pens sweet tribute to sister Louise on birthday after traumatic birth with son

Sam Thompson has penned a sweet tribute to his sister Louise on her 32nd birthday.

Louise turned 32 on Saturday 26 March, and marked her special day alongside her family.

Sam, 29, shared a snap on Instagram of him hugging his older sister, which he wrote a heartfelt message next to.

Noting Louise’s traumatic birth with her son Leo, he wrote: “There was a chance not too long ago this day wouldn’t happen. And now here we are.”

Sam continued: “Grateful for every minute I get to annoy you on this earth. Happy birthday to my sister and my best friend. Here’s to many more love you so much.”

Pointing out that the two siblings are neighbours, he added: “ps. Take down the fence (starting a petition)”.

Former fellow Made In Chelsea star Louise has been extremely candid about her mental health battles after giving birth, including how “mindfulness and [cognitive behavioural therapy]” isn’t always useful.

“Severe anxiety and depression are not things you can just fix using 'mindfulness' or cbt… sometimes you need mind altering drugs to pluck you out of a really deep hole,” she wrote on Instagram.

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“For a while i felt so rubbish that the highlight of my day was feeling pain or needing the loo because they were the only things that brought me back to reality. I bet that's hard to imagine. I could never have imagined suffering like this myself. I was one of those people that read about PTSD and didn't understand how people couldn't just be 'over' something after it had happened. How could survivors not be grateful to have survived? Why couldn't they just move on with their lives?”

Louise continued: “When I was having one of my worst 'terrors' I whaled at Ryan and my mum asking them why I couldn't have just died on the operating table because that would have been easier.”

The new mother went on to encourage people who are struggling to try medication for themselves.

“I needed help from modern medicine and I am SO grateful that I took it. (My brain was so scared of medication and resisted it in a BIG WAY), but I kept going,” she said.

“I stuck with it and then things gradually (WAY TOO SLOWLY FOR MY LIKING) started to lift. If you are taking medication just know that it will take time, but it will help. I've been on meds since the 19th of January and i've ONLY JUST started seeing a bit of consistency.”

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