Sam Thompson wears sister Louise’s underwear in hilarious new video after splitting from Zara McDermott

SAM Thompson has gone back to wearing his sister Louise's underwear in a hilarious new video.

The Made in Chelsea star, 28, seemed to be on high spirits after splitting with Zara McDermott as he shared the funny clip on his Instagram account.

The video showed Sam wearing his sister's clothes involved the pair taking on the 'Wipe It Down' challenge, which became famous on Tik Tok during the lockdown.

It began with Louise wearing a black and white petal top with matching underwear, which showed off her abs and toned body.

She was standing in front of a mirror which she sprayed and began to wipe it and as she done so, for a split second Sam hilariously appeared out of nowhere with a huge grin on his face, wearing the same outfit as his sister.

The vid quickly went back to Louise who looked confused, before she wiped the screen and Sam briefly appeared once again and gave a cheeky wink in the process.

Sam's caption read: "Well…might aswell start being THAT guy again 😑😂"

Louise asked him in the comments: "Are you gonna be forcing me to shoot these wacko videos in Suffolk with the family this weekend?"

Fans loved it as one wrote: "We've missed THAT guy 😂🔥❤️"

Another asked: "How does he fit in them bottoms hahaha 😂"

In response to Sam's breakup, a third follower posted: "our boy didn’t stay sad for long, he is back 🔥😍😂 @samthompsonuk 💪🏼😘 xxxx."

It was reported that Sam and Zara ended their relationship last month after a seemingly loved-up trip to Mykonos.

It's been claimed Zara hooked up with "someone in the music industry" last winter which left Sam devastated.

A source told the Mail Online: "Zara cheated on Sam with someone in the music industry. Someone connected to the X Factor.

It was also revealed that their relationship is said to have taken a turn due to lockdown, with the pair constantly arguing.

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