Scarlett Moffatt reveals fan confused her for a lookalike and told her she was ‘prettier and less fat’ – The Sun

SCARLETT Moffatt has revealed the awkward moment a fan confused her for a lookalike.

All before telling the reality star that she was 'prettier and less fat'.

Scarlett, 30, recalled the moment during her BBC Sounds conspiracy theory podcast with boyfriend Scott Dobinson.

Sharing the clip to her Instagram page, the brunette captioned it with the words: "True story… of when somebody said I was a less fat prettier version of myself 🤣 well I must just have a look of Scarlett Moffatt 😂"

As they spoke about celebrity clones in the podcast, the former Gogglebox star said: "One time this person came up to me and said: 'You look like a prettier version of Scarlett Moffat.'

"So I played along and I was like: 'Oh really, I don't know who that is.'

"And they're like: 'Yeah, you're just sort of… she's a bit fatter and uglier.'"

This comes just days after the bubbly TV personality revealed she was learning to give herself compliments and "not cringe at myself in the mirror."

Sharing a snap of herself make-up free and dressed in a towel ready to tan herself, before revealing the transformation picture, she said: "What type of body can have body confidence… ANY!!

"I’ve learnt to not cringe at myself in the mirror when I think I look nice now.

"I’m giving myself compliments today. Especially on my tan."

In 2016 Scarlett slimmed down to a size eight, dropping six dress sizes and three stone in weight.

She admitted the gruelling gym workouts were too time consuming to keep up and she has since embraced a curvier figure.

Last year she took a stand against online bullies who targeted her during an appearance on Love Island Aftersun.

Just before the New Year she told fans she was going to make healthier choices when it comes to food and alcohol in 2020.

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