Scooter Braun Sells Taylor Swift’s Master Recordings (Report)

Almost two years after Scooter Braun‘s Ithaca Holdings LLC acquired Big Machine Label Group, Taylor Swift‘s former label, he has sold the rights to her master recordings.

Previously, when Scooter bought Big Machine Label, he became the owner of all of Taylor‘s six albums. Now, he has apparently sold her master rights to an investment fund for north of $300 million. The deal closed in the last two weeks, Variety reports.

After Scooter purchased her masters, Taylor wrote an open letter in which she expressed that she has never been a fan of Scooter as she felt bullied by him and his client Justin Bieber. Scooter finally addressed the controversy last year.

Taylor previously indicated that she would be re-recording her songs from her six Big Machine albums so that she would own those songs.

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