SEAL Team season 5: Sonny set for heartbreaking downfall after promo clue?

SEAL Team: Sneak peak released ahead of season five

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CBS’ military drama returned with explosive scenes earlier this month as the crew prepared to take on another life-threatening mission. While everyone is focused on the task ahead, the promo video for the upcoming fourth episode suggested things may not be smooth sailing for Sonny Quinn (played by A.J Buckley).

The 20-second clip showed the beginning of things getting serious for the Bravo team as they prepared for their dangerous mission ahead.

However, throughout the video, Sonny made multiple appearances with people telling him to keep his cool.

It showed him walking in on Lisa Davis (Toni Trucks) having a meal with another man at a restaurant, to which she later confirmed “wasn’t a date”.

In another scene, Master Chief Special Warfare Operator of Bravo Team Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) was seen having a stern word with Sonny and told him to: “Keep the emotions under.”

Fans will remember how he went through a number of unexpected changes in the previous season.

Much like Sonny, viewers were lost for words when it was revealed his childhood friend Hannah Oliver (Rachel Boston) was pregnant with his child.

Although he had major feelings for Davis, the two struggled to maintain a successful relationship due to the pressure of the jobs.

Sonny also had more demands to meet at work, with a new leadership role as the Special Warfare Operator First Class of the Bravo Team.

Despite his new role, he was still an active Navy SEAL and was expected to drop everything at a moment’s notice to be deployed for a mission.

In another scene of the promo video, he and Davis appeared to be having serious words before she exclaimed: “Step back Sonny.”

With a lot happening in life and multiple warnings about his emotions at work, this season could see a heartbreaking downfall for Sonny.

Paired with the intense mission the SEAL Team are preparing for, Sonny could suffer a huge breakdown in the coming episodes.

While it appears to be going downhill for Sonny, other members will have their family dynamics at the forefront as they try to take on the mission.

The upcoming episode will see the crew prepare to leave for Africa on a last-minute mission to ease tensions after a terrorist attack.

The official synopsis stated: “As each member of Bravo confronts major family obstacles, the team is called to a sudden mission in Africa; when the intel alters their plan, the team finds themselves in a rush to prevent a major terrorist attack.”

It’s yet to be seen how Sonny will deal with the mounting pressure or if the warnings are foreshadowing an imminent downfall.

One member of the SEAL Team already experiencing major family obstacles was Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr), fans watched this play out in his relationship with his wife Naima Perry (Parisa Fakhri).

After being taken hostage by enemies on a mission, Ray battled PTSD and trauma, once he was back home.

In the season four finale, he made the decision to seek professional help, as he had kept the trauma to himself, which threatened his marriage.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see how this season will play out for Sonny and if he does experience a heartbreaking downfall.

SEAL Team season five is airing Sundays on CBS and Monday on Paramount Plus in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be confirmed.

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