Selfish lazy f****rs! Lorraine Kelly fumes at litterbugs in foul-mouthed rant

Lorraine admits she’s ‘really annoyed’ about litter in parks

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Lorraine Kelly took to Twitter last night after reading an article about an animal in distress. A seal, which was first spotted in Northern Ireland, had made its way to Scotland with a drink can stuck in its lower jaw. 

The seal was at serious risk of drowning so attempts were made to locate it after it was seen on October 6 near the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast.

Fortunately the seal was discovered in River Clyde at the weekend and rescuers were able to dislodge the can.

The ITV star hit out at litterbugs who do not take their rubbish home, when she aired her thoughts on the microblogging site.

“Take your crap home with you – you selfish lazy f*****s,” Lorraine blasted, in view of her 659,700 followers.

She also shared an article about the marine mammal online.

“Honestly it’s disgusting the way some humans treat our planet,” Twitter user GGamer002 agreed.

“The rubbish bins are never far away, and if you’re out for a day, take a sack with you.

“It’s not rocket science! Selfish, lazy and careless attitudes do so much damage,” the reply continued.

“Littering should be punished with an on the spot £1,000 fine.

“Might make people think twice,” user DuncanPM added in agreement.

It is not the first time Lorraine has spoken out against people who drop their litter.

Back in June she swore on television while venting her frustration at sun seekers who littered parks and beaches following a heatwave.

“This is something that is driving me crazy, and I think it’s really irresponsible and really, really bad and it’s really annoying me,” Lorraine said to resident doctor, Dr Hilary Jones, during an appearance on her breakfast show.

“This morning on Twitter [someone] was going for a walk this morning in the meadows in Edinburgh and the amount of c*** that has been left behind is terrible.

“There was litter everywhere – it’s absolutely ridiculous and it will be exactly the same – [today],” she continued.

The pair then blasted litterbugs for making other people clean up after them as the rubbish was collected by local volunteers.

“Can you just manage to actually take all your rubbish away with you – put it in a bag!” Lorraine fumed.

“Well done, very well said. Hear hear!” Dr Hilary commented.

Before that in March, the 61-year-old presenter aired similar views when she saw the mess left in a park after large crowds gathered.

“FFS – and I can’t stress this enough – take your crap home with you!!”

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