Seth Rogen to Play Steven Spielberg’s Uncle in Movie About the Director’s Childhood

Seth Rogen has joined the cast of Steven Spielberg‘s next movie, which is loosely based on the legendary director’s childhood.

The 38-year-old Pineapple Express actor will be playing the role of Spielberg‘s favorite uncle, according to Deadline.

Michelle Williams will be playing the role inspired by Spielberg‘s mom.

Spielberg hasn’t written a screenplay since 2001′s A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, but he is working with screenwriter Tony Kushner on turning his life into a movie. He will also direct the film, which is expected to begin filming this summer and be released in 2022.

After the casting news was announced, Rachel Zegler, the star of Spielberg‘s upcoming West Side Story movie, tweeted, “i really thought seth was joining us in west side story somehow for a second.”

Seth responded to the tweet and said, “I did too.” Rachel then said, “for what it’s worth i think you’d be a really strong riff (congratulations on this super cool gig).” Seth replied, “Thanks! I can’t sing or dance and have trouble talking too.”

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