Shannade Clermont Rants Against Sad Fan Who Took a Makeup-Free Photo of Her and Twin Shannon

Many critics on Twitter then poke fun at the Clermont twins for undergoing cosmetic surgery, with one user mocking, ‘[their] lips look like flappy [bird’s] lips.’

AceShowbizShannade Clermont is not pleased with people taking photos of her and her twin without their permission. After one fan unleashed a picture of her and Shannon Clermont without any makeup on, the model was quick to blast the “sad” individual.

The snap in question, which has spread on both Twitter and Instagram, saw the Clermont twins focusing on their own phones. While they were often seen with their glam makeup on most pictures, the siblings looked unrecognizable as they went bare face on the image.

Having caught wind of the photo, Shannade was quick to express her anger on Twitter. “Imma literally start taking photos of b**hes who take off guard photos of me. A 1 FOR 1!!!” she first tweeted, before adding in followed posts, “YOU B***HES IS SAD!!!! Little do y’all know. The more y’all hate. The more my insights go up Up index= MONEY!! I THANK YOU!!!!”

Shannade went on to retweet a fan’s statement that read, “It’s sad when you outside with civilians thinking you safe and they really be fans ready to post a pic and get some clout then when you start violating everyone cop a plea.”

More people also came to the twins’ defense. “Whoever took that picture of the Clermont Twins evil aff,” one user argued, while another raged, “No b***h who can’t post a pic without the milk baby filter and Fox eyes etc should be talking about clermont twins. The face they have is the one y’all are using filters to look like. Hang it up!”

Still, the makeup-free picture prompted many critics to poke fun at Shannade and Shannon for having cosmetic surgery. A Twitter user mocked, “Omg the Clermont twins look f**king terrible in that pic! I mean straight HIT wtf.” A second person asked, “Why her lips look like flappy bird lips? #ClermontTwins?”

The insults continued with one noting, “The girls are dead starting to look a mess.” Someone else chimed in, “Then b***hes ruined they whole everything.” Another troll penned “There’s CLEARLY something wrong with these girls … ‼️”

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