‘She-Hulk’ Season 1: Disney+ Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Theories, & More

When Marvel initially announced Phase 4, the Disney+ TV series included things like The Falcon & The Winter Soldier and Loki. In short, TV series about characters fans already knew, played by actors they already recognized in the roles. But that was only the tip of the iceberg. Marvel plans three more shows beyond the initial five full of familiar characters. These star new characters, all of whom have the potential to cross over into the films: Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight. These details about She-Hulk Season 1 will get fans super excited about the new series.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe know The Hulk origin story where he was exposed to gamma rays that make him "Hulk Out" when angry. She-Hulk is Bruce Banner’s cousin, Jennifer Susan Walters. She’s a New York lawyer, a hard-nosed, deeply intelligent, take no crap lady. But when she is hit by a car on the streets of the City, her life nearly ends.

Her cousin Bruce, hearing Walters needs a blood transfusion, rushes to the hospital, hoping the gamma-ray mutations won’t transfer as well. Unfortunately, he is wrong. But Walters, unlike Banner, does not go full Hulk, since her exposure is third hand. Her transformations are less severe, more controlled. She keeps most of her personality from the beginning, while also imbued with the ability to help save the world.

‘She-Hulk’ & Phase 4

She-Hulk is still in the preproduction stages. The project is headed up by writer Jessica Gao, known for her work on Rick & Morty, including the famous "Pickle Rick" episode. She’ll be joined by Kat Coiro, who will executive produce the series and direct the premiere episode. Coiro is known for comedies like Brooklyn 99, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and Modern Family. With credits like these, She-Hulk is not going to be a dour drama.

‘She-Hulk’ Cast

It is hard to understate how big a name Tatiana Maslany is in the sci-fi world. Her breakout role(s) in Orphan Black was not the stuff of legend. She played a full dozen clones, each character an entirely crafted unique personality from the next, winning an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in 2016. Now she’ll play Jennifer Walters and her alter-ego, She-Hulk.

‘She-Hulk’ Plot Details

One assumes the first season will function as something of an origin story. The problem, of course, is not knowing if or how the Marvel Cinematic Universe plans to alter the original or not. Captain Marvel’s origin story, for instance, was utterly rearranged. But what the MCU comes up with for Walters remains to be seen.

‘She-Hulk’ Theories

Rumors have been flying that Bruce Banner’s Hulk will turn up in the new show. In April of 2020, actor Mark Ruffalo told Variety he was eager to reprise his role as the permanently Hulkified Bruce. He did admit nothing was a done deal. But the way he described it, there have been discussions about how and when to bring the character back. She-Hulk is the most obvious contender for that to happen.

‘She-Hulk’ Premiere Date

She-Hulk is currently listed as a 2022 release for Disney+.

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