Shetland’s Jimmy Perez star on ‘crippling’ fear he will be sacked ‘It’s terrible’

Shetland: Douglas Henshall stars in season six trailer

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BBC One’s procedural drama series Shetland recently returned to screens for its sixth season of action-packed investigations. Ahead of its release, Shetland’s leading man Douglas Henshall lifted the lid on one of his crippling fears.

In an interview with The Scotsman, the star revealed he never thought he would become a successful actor and was asked what advice he would offer his younger self.

He responded: “Don’t be scared because I have Imposter Syndrome to the max.”

Despite being a leading actor with a plethora of credits in his resume, this could come as a surprise to fans.

Speaking more on his Imposter Syndrome, he described it as “terrible,” and “crippling,” before adding: “Every job I still think ‘I wonder if this is the one they’re going to sack me for’.”

Douglas explained: “Nobody aspired to be an actor where I came from and I didn’t think I would get in anywhere.”

“So when the first place I auditioned for said yes, I thought well what’s the point of going anywhere else and I assumed I’d be the worst there,” he continued.

The actors admitted: “It took a long time to get any confidence and it’s been a battle ever since.

He concluded: “I’d love to find a way to get rid of that, I would love to find a way to have nurtured that young Dougie.”

Instead, the actor had dreams of being a tennis player and confessed it was his “lack of talent,” which stopped him pursuing the sport professionally.

As season six of Shetland finally returned to BBC in October, fans were over the moon to see DI Jimmy and the team tackle some of Scotland’s murder investigation.

Episode one kicked off with an emotional Jimmy at his mother’s funeral, before pulling himself together when he got a call about a high-profile murder case.

It was the killing of Alex Galbraith (Jim Sturgeon) an acclaimed local lawyer that saw fans on the edge of their seats, especially when it was discovered his daughter was on the phone to him when he died.

While the inspector is back investigating criminal activity, everything is different for Jimmy this season because he is dealing with grief in his personal life.

As well as the death of his mother, Jimmy’s father is living with dementia and fans believed he was still dealing with the shocking discoveries of season five.

The jaw-dropping finale saw the DI find out the woman he wanted to be with was fact married and she was running a sex trafficking ring.

However, this season Jimmy was left to truly re-evaluate his life after his stepdaughter Cassie Perez (Erin Armstrong) left for university.

This season will also see the return of Donna Killick (Fiona Bell) who made her first appearance in season four.

She will make a surprise return to the island after receiving compassionate leave from prison, despite being sent down for murder.

According to the BBC, season six will focus on a “doorstep murder of a prominent local figure, a case which strikes at the heart of the Shetland Isles and its people”.

With many different elements to the upcoming episodes of season six, fans will have to stay tuned to find out how DI Jimmy Perez will deal with them all, as well as resolve the huge murder case.

Shetland continues every Wednesday on BBC One at 9 pm.

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