Sir Brian May speaks out on next Queen and Adam Lambert UK tour

Queen’s Brian May knighted for services to music and charity

After two years of delays, Queen and Adam Lambert finally got back out on the road to tour the UK and Europe last summer. Now as Sir Brian May, Roger Taylor and their singing collaborator gear up for concerts Stateside, it turns out the trio have plans for Spring 2024 and beyond.

Appearing recently on The One Show with Ben Elton to promote the return of We Will Rock You to the West End, Sir Brian was asked about the next UK tour. The 75-year-old guitarist said: “It’s not long since we did it of course. We’re going to the States in the Autumn and I think maybe somewhere else in the Spring.”

Where could that be in early 2024? Our best bet would be South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand as Queen and Adam Lambert haven’t performed in Asia and Oceania since early 2020, just before the first lockdown began. But what about Great Britain and Northern Ireland?

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Sir Brian continued: “And we get back to…Britain and Europe possibly as well. But there’s no plans right now.” Roger added: “We do still enjoy it. It’s a thrill every time!” Meanwhile, the Queen guitarist has teased US fans ahead of the Autumn tour with a video of his special gadget that fires sparks from his instrument.

He wrote on his Instagram: “Someone was asking … how will the new RHAPSODY Tour be ‘Revved Up’ ? Well, somebody kindly reminded me … America has never seen …. THIS ! Yet ! We get to have big fun !!! And this is only the beginning ! Can’t wait ! See ya out there this Autumn. Sorry – in the Fall.”

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