Sister Wives' Christine Brown's pregnant daughter Mykelti says she'll name baby girl Avalon Marie as she shows off bump

SISTER Wives' Christine Brown's pregnant daughter Mykelti revealed the name for her baby girl.

She explained the special meaning behind the name for her first daughter, Avalon Marie.

Mykelti wrote the baby's name on a yellow post it note and stuck it to her stomach.

She explained in another video her Instagram stories: "Avalon- so she's from King Arthur and the Round Table. That's where Avalon is from originally. But funny coincidence I liked the name Avalon before I got my first car which ended up being a Toyota Avalon. Isn't that kind of funny?

"As for the middle name, Marie, Mykelti shared she said she just like the way the names sounded together.

She added: "This is the name I've wanted since I was 16 for my first girl. But conveniently, Tony's mother's name is Maria. So now it looks like there's a meaning."

On Halloween, Mykelti shared: "HAPPY HALLOWEEN AND HAPPY HAUNTING baby and @tonychessnut and I are going to be home waiting for the tricker treaters while I read an EPIC book.


She also revealed she was 18 weeks along and "due in March."

The TLC star, 24, confirmed to People in September they were expecting a baby girl.

They shared a sweet picture ofthem clutching a bunch of pink balloons.

The mom-to-be told people: "The whole pregnancy she's felt like a girl.

"That's what I really wanted for my first so I'm extremely stoked she's a girl. Already buying clothes."

Antonio added: "When I found out it was a girl, I felt, 'Wow, yup my wife was right, she just knew."

He admitted: "I was happy it's a girl, but I did want a boy first. I'm ready to be overprotective."

Mykelti and Tony's new baby will be Kody's third grandchild.

His daughter, Maddie Brown Brush, has a one-year-old daughter, Evangalynn Kodi, and a three-year-old son, Axel James, with her husband Caleb Brush.

Mykelti's mom Christine is one of Kody's four wives, although he is only legally married to Robyn.

He has 15 children with the four women.

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