‘Sit Still, Look Pretty’ Singer Daya Introduces Fans to Her Girlfriend of 3 Years

Daya, the singer best known for her hit song “Sit Still, Sit Pretty,” is introducing her fans to her girlfriend of three years!

The 22-year-old singer recently dropped her new single “Bad Girl” and she revealed that the song is about her girlfriend Clyde Munroe.

“For those wondering who I wrote this song about, this is Clyde,” Daya wrote in an Instagram post over the weekend. “We’ve been dating for 3 years now. She’s my best friend and my whole world. I’m so lucky.”

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Daya also opened up about the song in an interview with People.

“All my songs take from real-life experiences but I add a bit of fantasy to them,” she said. “I think it truly shows that arc of my sexuality and me as a person and everything. It’s about finding myself for the past five years, it feels like this full circle in a weird way.”

Daya is also known for her songs “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Hide Away.” You can listen to “Bad Girl” below!

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