Six steps for faking a fresh-faced glow

Has lockdown taken its toll on YOUR face? Celebrity make-up artist reveals six steps to fake a glow with products you already have – from reviving ‘screen eyes’ with drops to ditching lipstick for hydrating balm

  • Bryony Blake has shared tips for embracing the ‘skinimalism’ post-lockdown look
  • Makeup artist who lives in London, says we aren’t ready for a full face of makeup
  • She reveals it’s possible to achieve a fresh-face look with minimal cosmetics 

Many of us have noticed the toll on our faces after months of lockdown whether it’s more fine lines or a pallid complexion, caused by increased screen time, stress or overindulgence.

However, as we remove our face coverings while socialising outdoors and returning to work, how do you look fresh-faced and glowing without buying a whole new make-up kit, or even resorting to Botox and fillers?

Bryony Blake who lives in London, and is best known for appearing on This Morning, claims many of us aren’t ready to go back to a full face of make-up and instead ought to embrace ‘skinimalism’ – the natural, bare-faced look.  

Bryony has provided six top tips for achieving a fresh-faced look and all it takes is seven key products, including nude eyeliner and matte foundation. 

Bryony Blake who lives in London, and is best known for appearing on This Morning, claims many of us aren’t ready to go back to a full face of make-up and instead ought to embrace ‘skinimalism’ – the natural, bare-faced look. (stock photo)

1. Use a mattifying moisturiser 

To avoid oiliness throughout the day I like to change up my moisturiser and use one that is either more lightweight or has mattifying properties,’ explained Bryony.

‘It’s really important to wear SPF as well but many people find their skin can react to it, so choose one that is both light and gentle,’ she said.

2. Stick to lightweight foundations 

Bryony Blake (pictured) said her favourite trick for a fresh-faced look is to use a cream blusher on her cheeks and tinted lip balm on her lips 

Bryony explained it isn’t just choosing the right colour that’s important to consider when buying a foundation. 

She said: ‘In terms of coverage, it’s important to choose a foundation that hydrates the skin and provides just the right amount of coverage. 

‘You want skin looking dewy and radiant, and as the weather gets a bit warmer, you’ll be thankful for one that has a lightweight formula and doesn’t feel sticky in the heat.’

3. Counteract screen time with eye drops 

Bryony explained eye drops can be essential for creating the illusion of revived, healthy eyes. 

She said: ‘If you’re like me, the past year of pretty much solid screen time has taken its toll on my eyes and I am finding they are very dry. 

‘Before I apply any makeup, I make sure I pop a couple of drops of the Systane® COMPLETE in each eye to refresh and revive them. They provide fast hydration and give me that sparkle back.’

4. Add definition with cream eyeshadow     

Bryony explained: ‘I like to keep things simple for my eyes, so I start with a cream eyeshadow. This is easy to apply and takes a matter of seconds. 

Bryony’s top seven beauty products to help achieve a ‘skinimalism’ look 

‘I then take a bronzing powder and sweep it across the crease of my eye to add definition. 

‘You then want to choose a lengthening mascara that has a long-lasting formula that doesn’t smudge or drop but really helps to emphasise the eyes. 

‘For an extra boost to tired eyes try adding a little cream eyeliner to the waterline as this will really help them to pop and look more awake,’ Bryony added. 

5. A tinted lip balm will add a perfect pop of colour

The celebrity makeup artist revealed blusher and a tinted lip balm can be used to create a fresh-faced appearance. 

Bryony said: ‘My favourite trick for a fresh-faced look is to take a cream blusher and apply to the apples of my cheeks with my fingertips. I then love to use a tinted lip balm on my lips for just a touch of colour. 

‘It will add a gorgeous sheen and hydration even to dried chapped lips. Avoid matte formulas as they suit more dressed up looks and require regular application throughout the day.’

6. Use highlighter to get a healthy glow

Bryony added: ‘My final tip is to lightly dust the cheekbones with a highlighter, not forgetting to add a little dot in the inner corner of the eye to further open them up. 

‘Highlighter is buildable so start with just a small amount first and add more if you need to. A little shimmer will give you an effortless glow that will brighten your complexion in seconds.’

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