Snoop Dogg Proudly Boasts His Upcoming Def Jam Kids Album

Snoop Dogg has reigned supreme in the world of hip hop and gangsta rap for several decades and has been an absolute force in the music scene. His influence spans all ages and appeals to fans from all walks of life, making him an impactful, influential artist across the board. He’s never had a squeaky clean image. In fact, the entire premise of his career is founded on his days with Death Row Records and the numerous arrests he faced during the rise to fame. All these instances led to increased street credibility for the artist, who quickly catapulted into superstardom. Now, Snoop Dogg has come forward to reveal a brand new project he has in the works, and shockingly, children are his target audience. After joining Def Jam Recordings as an executive creative and strategic consultant this summer, he has decided to create a children’s album. Hot New Hip Hop reports that he is planning to use his experience to cultivate the skills of the younger generation that is aspiring to enter into the world of music.

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For fans that haven’t quite imagined Snoop Dogg as being the creator of children’s music, you are certainly not alone. Snoop’s reference points and the topics that have dominated his lyrics in the past have been a far cry from being child’s play. His life experiences led him to craft music that typically tackles controversial issues and includes diss wars as well as the handling of very mature, adult topics.

Snoop Dogg may not be the role model that many parents would select for their children, but it looks like he’s turning a new leaf, at least when it comes to his business ventures. He already has his hands in his own gin brand, his 19 Crimes wine, and he’s been the mastermind in the kitchen alongside Martha Stewart for several years.

Adding a music album for children is something that nobody expected from the 49-year-old artist, but he seems passionate about the project and truly believes he’s an asset to aspiring young artists around the globe.

Hip Hop DX quotes Snoop Dogg’s enthusiasm, as he stated; “when I got the opportunity, my main focus on Def Jam Records was to go and help the artists, give them love, give them wisdom, guidance and understanding, and teach them some tricks I learned in the game; to diversify their portfolio, to not just be rappers, to not just be artists but to be superstars, superheroes, so to speak.”

There’s been no official word on the content he will use for inspiration on the kids’ album or when the release date will be. All eyes are on Snoop Dogg’s social media pages as fans eagerly await an update.

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