Snowpiercer fans predict deadly train collision after spotting game-changing clue in finale episode title – The Sun

SNOWPIERCER could be set for its most explosive twist to date, according to the Netflix show's growing fanbase.

The dystopian drama is set on a garangtuan train spanning 1001 carriages long, traversing the last of humanity across a frozen, post-apocalyptic Earth.

So far it has appeared as though Snowpiercer is the only vehicle of its kind, but after the release of the upcoming episode titles, fans suspect a collision with a rival train could leave the passengers in peril.

In the original series of graphic novels, Le Transperceneige, which the series is based upon, it is eventually revealed that there are actually ten trains circling the frozen globe.

The most formidable among them is the Icebreaker, which is roughly ten times the size of the Snowpiercer and is an empty , automated train used to clear pathways for the other trains.

Judging by the title of the finale episode, Snowpiercer will be taking some substantial damage, and a deralining could be the thing to cause it.

Redditor NepsterCZ posted: “We know that the last episode is titled 994 Cars Long. Which is 7 less than now.”

They continued: “In one of the trailers we see this image from the cockpit of the Snowpiercer.

“It clearly shows Bennet Knox looking at the satellite view of the Snowpiercers course, we can also see another siding with the red blinking dot.

“As the scene progresses Snowpiercer (yellow) and the red dot moving on a collision course at the railroad switch that connects both tracks.”

They concluded: “My theory is that the ‘red dot’ is actually another train, the Icebreaker, that circles on slightly different tracks around the Earth and only shares some parts with the Snowpiercer.

“We know the Snowpiercer is running late by at least a day (by episode four), so who knows how many days Snowpiercer is now late, with the latest damage in episode six.”

The post received plenty of upvotes as others chimed in with messages of agreement.

"I KNEW there had to be other survivors, no way would there only be one train for the whole of humanity," one like-minded user wrote.

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While a second added: "Yeah I reckon the in-fighting on the train is a distraction from a bigger threat."

The theory comes after fans were horrified by the grisly torture scenes in the latest episode.

Many took to Twitter in shock after Melanie Cavill brutally torture Josie with ice cold air, freezing her fingers before shattering them with a hammer.

Josie was ultimately killed off after the entire carrige she was being interrogated in was plunged into ice.

Snowpiercer is available to watch on Netflix with new episodes released on Mondays. The series airs on TNT in the US.

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