Song You Need to Know: Lila Drew, 'Locket'

Nineteen-year-old Los Angeles native Lila Drew is a R&B singer-songwriter to watch, and her song “Locket” is the perfect representation of the dreamy and smooth songs she is bound to serve up in the future. It’s a great end-of-winter jam, ideal for fantasizing of warmer weather.

“Locket” explores first heartbreak and features a squeaky, spacey beat on the slow jam. Drew’s hook is impressively catchy as she repeats “I know I’ll be movin’ on” like a prayer or mantra, knowing she hasn’t found her peace yet but will soon. Her voice moves sweetly and calmly above it all. Drew calls the video a “meditation on death and purity,” featuring butterflies and a man on fire as she dissects the end of her romance and decides to find a way to keep that love close to her.

“I loved the idea of a locket — something that’s so perfect and strong, but hides these personal memories inside of it,” Drew said in a statement. “I took that idea and tried to paint a picture of the feelings that come with heartbreak and also the idea that I had the ability to grow from those experiences.”

Drew has released a few songs, including the 2019 EP Locket (Side One). She is currently writing and recording her debut album, which will hopefully be full of similarly tender tracks.

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