Soulja Boy Shuts Down Birthday Bash After Police Visit

The ‘Pretty Boy Swag’ hitmaker has been forced to cut short his raucous birthday celebration after cops dropped by his party following complaints from neighbors.

AceShowbiz -Rapper Soulja Boy was forced to shut down his 31st birthday party on Wednesday (28Jul21) after police arrived.

Neighbours complained about the late night noise, especially the racket caused by the birthday boy’s new McLaren – a gift from pal Ray J.

Host OG 3Three urged guests to split just before cops arrived.

Soulja Boy and OG 3Three were given warnings by police, who told them they would return if the party wasn’t shut down.

The party host told TMZ, “We getting shut down and we don’t want any citations, so we need everyone out now…”

“It was really the noise, the parking… Shout out everyone who came, we love y’all but we gotta go (sic).”

Soulja Boy is currently facing sexual assault lawsuits filed by his former girlfriends.

One woman sued him for domestic violence, negligence, sexual battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress and gender violence. She claimed he punched and kicked her “all over her body, particularly in the stomach,” triggering a miscarriage, and pulled a gun on her in a separate incident in 2016.

The rapper denied any wrongdoings. He insisted any alleged actions his former partner has issues with now, she consented to at the time.

The other woman accused him of having tied her up with extension cords and assaulting her at a 2019 house party, leaving her with fractured ribs and bruising on her face.

He also denied the allegations against him

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