South Dakota Cop Delivers DoorDash Order After Arresting Driver

To protect and to serve… your food.

A South Dakota police officer is being praised for delivering a woman’s DoorDash order — after arresting the driver.

TikToker Anastasia Elsinger shared Ring Cam footage of her Arby’s arriving at her Sioux Falls doorstep, via the long arm of the law.

The footage shows the smiling cop ringing the doorbell, armed with two bags of food and a soda, clearly expecting the exact reaction he was about to get:

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“I know I’m not who you were expecting, uh but,” he tells the shocked customer, “your driver got arrested for some things he didn’t take care of.”

“So I figured I could complete the DoorDash for you!” he tells her as they both burst out laughing. “Take care!”

According to Tea Storm Chasers, to whom Elsinger initially sent the video, the officer’s name is Sam Buhr — and he is being hailed a hero in the comments.

Elsinger told local news site Pigeon 605 that she knew something was up with her order when the tracker froze en route, just a few blocks from her house. When she looked out the window she spotted a patrol car had pulled over a driver, and figured that was the end of her lunch. Then the doorbell rang.

“He giggled as he walked away too,” she recalled.

According to the outlet, the driver was pulled over for a traffic violation, when officers discovered he had outstanding warrants.

The TikTok now has almost 12million views.

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“I’ve had so many people call me…I debated posting it because it’s a little embarrassing, but it’s too cool,” Elsinger said.

“It’s just this cool thing the officer did, and there’s so much bad in the world I thought the world needs some good.”

She says she plans baking him some cookies, since he didn’t get the tip she’s originally selected for the driver; nor did the arrested driver, it seems.

“I contacted DoorDash and was like, my driver got arrested,” Elsinger said. “I think I ended up with the whole delivery refunded to me.”

A spokesperson for DoorDash told Newsweek: “The safety of our community is extremely important and we take reports of this nature very seriously. We’re actively looking into this to take all appropriate actions and are grateful to the law enforcement officer for stepping in and ensuring this customer received their order.”

Sioux Falls PD spokesman Sam Clemens confirmed one of its officer’s did indeed moonlight, heroically, as a food delivery person.

“This isn’t normal by any stretch,” Officer Clemens said, per KELO. “It’s not like we have officers that are out delivering food but the little things like this, going above and beyond, helping people out. That’s the things that we do. And probably more often than people realize.”

Meanwhile, the vast majority of TikTok comments were aligned with this one:


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