Spoilers: James comes out to stunned dad Ed in Corrie

James Bailey has struggled with the idea of coming out to his dad Ed in Coronation Street, but after giving it some more thought in the coming episodes, the young lad ultimately decides to do just that, and thus he reveals that he’s gay.

James has been incredibly worried about coming out to dad Ed, and it’s been something that he’s struggled with for quite some time. However, things became somewhat complicated when Ed’s mate, Danny turned up on the cobbles, and it came to light that he had something of a past with James.

In the coming episodes, James reveals to Michael that he previously had a relationship with Danny, and — later he takes Danny back to the house and leads him upstairs. However, Ed returns home and is puzzled when he hears a thump from upstairs.

The following day, James musters up the courage and reveals to Ed over the breakfast table that he’s gay. Ed struggles to process the news, but he’s more hurt by the fact that both Michael and Aggie knew.

Later in the week, Ed is convinced that Danny has corrupted James.

Will Ed be able to come to terms with James’ revelation?

One to watch: Wednesday 22 January at 8:30pm on ITV.

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