Spoilers: Priya in Emmerdale stunned as Leyla sacks her

Leyla (Roxy Shahidi)’s secrecy over her drug taking claimed another victim in tonight’s Emmerdale as she sensationally sacked Priya (Fiona Wade) for gross misconduct.

The hideous crime that Priya had committed to provoke this response was that she’d used the company credit card to take a client to lunch – against Leyla’s explicit orders.

What Leyla hadn’t shared with her colleague was that there was hardly any money in the company account. Since Take A Vow lost Kim Tate (Claire King)’s business, and thanks to Leyla’s increasingly chaotic behaviour and expensive habits, they’ve been struggling.

Unaware of this, Priya decided it was worth the possibility of extra business to treat her client well, but Leyla was furious when she heard. ‘I can’t work with you if I can’t trust you,’ she said, as a shocked Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) and Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) looked on. She told Priya she was firing her for gross misconduct.

Later, Leyla called her drug dealer Callum (Tom Ashley) to arrange for fresh supplies, and he ominously said he would be ‘calling in a favour’ at some point, which has got to be bad news for Leyla.

In the meantime there was good news, when she bumped into Lydia (Karen Blick) in the cafe. Lydia is supposed to be planning Kim’s wedding but has been getting through pencils at an alarming rate as she keeps snapping them due to the stresses that Kim is placing on her. Leyla pretended to be helping Lydia but actually added more pressure, until Lydia snapped her final pencil and told Will (Dean Andrews) she was out of her depth and couldn’t do the wedding.

Will asked Leyla to take on the wedding planning again and she was only too happy to do so, making sure Will paid the deposit to Take A Vow as soon as possible.

We left her putting out a line of coke and celebrating her victory: ‘Leyla freakin’ Cavanagh, baby!’

Oh dear. It’s got to end in tears, hasn’t it?

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