Spoilers: Shock twist as Keanu returns to take Sharon away in EastEnders

Sharon Mitchell’s (Letitia Dean) plan to get revenge on Phil (Steve McFadden) well and truly paid off in EastEnders, as — with the police on his tail — he decided to hightail it out of Walford, and thus — having got wind of his departure — Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) made a shocking return during tonight’s episode, as he sought to reunite with Sharon.

Bernie (Clair Norris) has grown increasingly suspicious of mum Karen’s (Lorraine Stanley) optimism in regards to Keanu’s disappearance — especially considering she was an emotional wreck at the New Year, as she believed her son had been murdered by Phil.

As a result, Bernie began snooping in last night’s episode, and stole Karen’s phone in order to text her brother so that she could inform him that Phil is no longer in Walford.

However, she received no reply and after doing so, and the doubts began to creep in once more, and thus she questioned her mum again in regards to Keanu’s disappearance.

Left with no other choice, Karen came clean — revealing that Keanu is alive and well, but he’s unable to return given the threat that the Mitchells pose to him. Bernie was delighted to learn her sibling was okay, but she made clear her hopes of seeing him — something that Karen reiterated simply wasn’t possible.

However, little did they know that of the events that were set to transpire a few doors down.

Yes, at the Beale household, Sharon prepared the items she was planning on taking to the hospital when the day of her birth arrives, and — expecting a visit from Linda (Kellie Bright) — she headed to the door, and was left speechless to see Keanu standing on the doorstep.

She voiced her concern — informing him that Walford simply isn’t safe — but Keanu wasn’t interested, as he revealed that he’d come back for Sharon and for their baby.

Sharon pondered his words — not knowing how to react.

Will Sharon exit with Keanu?

What’s more, will Ben (Max Bowden) discover Keanu’s presence on the Square?

EastEnders continues Monday 10 February at 8pm on BBC One.

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