Spot the chick hidden in a tower of Easter egg

Vibrant seek-and-find brainteaser challenges puzzlers to spot the chick hidden in a tower of Easter eggs – and there’s a 1-minute record to beat

  • A busy new brainteaser has challenged the internet to spot a hidden chick
  • Easter themed graphic was created by Holiday Cottages based in North Devon
  • Challenge takes more than 1 minute to solve – but can you do it quicker? 

This Easter-themed brainteaser will put your observation skills to the test.   

The deceptively difficult seek-and-find puzzle, created by Holiday Cottages in North Devon, challenges players to spot a chick hidden in a tower of Easter eggs.  

According to the creators the brainteaser takes more than 1-minute to solve – but can you do it quicker?

Scroll down for reveal 

A new brainteaser created by Holiday Cottages, challenges puzzlers to spot the chick hidden in a tower of Easter eggs

Many people are eagerly making plans for how to celebrate Easter, with the improved spring weather and easing of restrictions for outdoor gatherings.

This tricky brainteaser shows a woman embracing the opportunity, as she takes part in an egg hunt.

In the background of the image the chick is hiding close to the woman, among the Easter eggs.  

Give up? Feast your eyes below to find the answer in a microscope.    

Shannon Keary, Digital PR Manager at said: ‘Easter is a time when we have to much to look forward to; be it indulging in chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, taking part in treasure hunts or simply enjoying the longer days and beautiful spring flowers, so we thought this was a great, light-hearted way to get the festivities started.’

A magnifying glass reveals the chick sitting among the Easter eggs at the bottom of the door 

As offices prepare for the return to work, another new puzzle has been created that challenges the nation to spot the mobile phone hidden among the familiar items found in the workplace. 

The fiendishly difficult puzzle, created by UK-based retailer So Pure Air, is proving to be quite the challenge to even the most experienced of puzzlers. 

According to the creators, the current record stands at an impressive 11 seconds. So, do you think you can beat it?   

A new puzzle by UK-based retailer So Pure Air challenges the nation to spot the mobile phone hidden among the familiar items found in the workplace – and there’s a record of 11 seconds to beat

The brainteaser follows research that found almost half of Brits are reluctant to return to their office when lockdown is lifted.

The study with 2,000 UK adults explored the public’s attitudes towards returning to ‘normal life’ after lockdown.  

The research revealed that two thirds said that COVID-19 has changed their behaviour forever, admitting that there are things they will never do again following the pandemic. 

So, have you managed to spot the phone yet? Scroll down to find the answers circled in red. 

The hidden mobile phone can be found circled in red hiding in the middle of the busy scene (pictured)

If you enjoyed that, why not have a go at this autumnal brainteaser? 

The seasonal puzzle challenges players to spot six sneaky hedgehogs hiding among the leaves – and it’s left many people scratching their heads. 

Created by UK home interior specialists, it’s tricky to find just one of Britain’s favourite garden visitors. 

So, do you think you can spot the six hedgehogs and beat the record time of 30 seconds?

Home interior experts have created a brainteaser to remind you to look out for hedgehogs in your garden this autumn 

The key to solving this mystery is to focus on the darker shades of brown in the image.

Ready? Don’t forget to set a timer to see how long it takes you to track down the hedgehogs! 

Pining for a little help? Or confident you found all the spiky creatures? 

Why don’t you check the image below to see how you fared?

There they are! Did you spot all six of the hidden hedgehogs in less than the record time of 30 seconds? 

If you’re hungry for more fun, why not try your hand at this Strictly Come Dancing-themed game?  

The puzzle, created by UK-based Dancewear Central, was released to celebrate Nicola Adams and Katya Jones becoming the first same-sex couple to dance together on the hit BBC One show.

According to the creator, the fastest time recorded to find the elegant duo is 70 seconds- but how long will it take you? 

A tricky puzzle (pictured), created by UK-based Dancewear Central, challenges the nation to spot the silhouette of a female same-sex couple amongst the other dancers 

Whether you’re able to find them or not, hopefully the puzzle will provide a little distraction from the stresses of the current social disDANCING measures.

Give it a try and see how you get on. Good luck – and don’t forget to time yourself!

Do you think you’ve found it? Or are you hanging up your dance shoes and throwing the towel in?

Whatever the case may be, you can find the solution image below.

If you’re struggling to find the hidden couple, then gaze your eyes to the bright pink square circled above (pictured)

Certain insects love to wreak havoc on a well-packed wardrobe – with clothes moths being one of the worst offenders.

The pesky critters are often tricky to spot – so can you find one lurking among this assortment of garments in this tricky brainteaser?

The seek-and-find puzzle was created by Cleanipedia to discover how good the British public are at spotting camouflaged insects that hide around your home, especially as we enter spring.

Can you spot the clothes moth lurking among this assortment of garments in this tricky brainteaser?

Clothes moths like to lay their eggs on natural fabric like silk, cotton, fur, and wool, and when the larva hatches it eats away at the material, weakening fibres and creating holes in the garment. 

They can get into your house in a few ways, but if you’ve recently imported some older clothing or upholstery, that’s most likely the cause.  

The moth in this brainteaser appears to be munching away on one of the items of clothing, but can you spot which one?

If you’re struggling to find it, scroll down to the solution below. 

There it is! The moth has managed to camouflage itself as it munches away on a brown felt hat – so did you manage to spot it?

Last week an educational seek-and-find puzzle challenged the nation to spot the seven hygiene hazards in a kitchen. 

The tricky brainteaser, created by Hammonds Kitchens, was to help people keep in mind important hygiene habits when it comes to their homes.

According to the creators, the current record to find them all is 45 seconds. So, how will you fare?    

An educational seek-and-find puzzle, created by Hammonds Kitchens (pictured), challenges the nation to spot the seven hygiene hazards

The company found that while 98 per cent of Brits have adopted new hygiene habits since lockdown began, these habits don’t seem to have made it into our kitchens, as the average UK residential kitchen would score just 1.6 out of five on the UK’s food hygiene ratings. 

So with that in mind, why not test your knowledge in trying to identify them in the busy graphic?

If you give up and are keen to fund out where the others are, then scroll down for all to be revealed.  

The answers, which can be seen circled in red, are: Dirty sponges by the sink, meat and vegetables on the same chopping board, freezer brokeny, soap dispenser by the sink empty, dead flies by the window, food waste dropped around the bin and dirty equipment (knives, plates)

Did you enjoy this puzzle? Why not try this one too where you have to search for the mute button hidden in the video call. 

The vexing challenge has been created by UK-based event insurance provider Protectivity, who made the puzzle after phrases like ‘sorry I was on mute’ became commonplace in 2020. 

With only one hidden symbol to find, puzzlers will have to look extra closely at the fiendish puzzle to spot the mute button. 

With no record to beat, could you become the fastest puzzler to complete the challenge? 

UK-based event insurance provider Protectivity has created a fiendishly tricky new seek-and-find puzzle tasking players to spot the hidden mute button 

After a year spent on video calls, it hasn’t come as a surprise that many Christmas parties this year will be spent over Zoom.  

With this in mind, the insurance provider recommended making your call more exciting by trying cocktail making, a Murder Mystery party, Christmas karaoke or a virtual secret santa to make the event more enjoyable.  

If you’re struggling to find the button, turn your attention to the bottom right corner of the virtual party. 

If you still haven’t spotted the pesky mute button, scroll down to find the answer. 

Found it yet? The mute button is located in the bottom right corner of the festive Zoom scene 

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