Squid Game: What is the purpose of the VIPs? Who are they?

Squid Game official trailer from Netflix

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Squid Game has become one of Netflix’s most popular TV shows of all time and it has left fans wanting more. The gory South Korean thriller follows 456 strangers as they risk their lives in a series of games to win cash. A group of men known as the VIPs are invited to observe, but who are they and what is their purpose?

Who are the VIPs in Squid Game?

Squid Game has taken the world by storm and it continues to own the number one spot in the Netflix top 10.

The exhilarating drama follows a group of strangers who are brought together by their desperate living situations.

They are taken to a mystery location to play a series of children’s games, which turn out to have deadly consequences.

The workers frequently mention the VIPs will be arriving, and one episode is dedicated to explaining their role.

The VIPs are all very affluent men who get thrills out of placing bets on the lives of those taking part.

If fans have watched the final episode, they will know it was player 001, Oh Il-nam (played by O Yeong-su), who set up the games.

Knowing he was dying and aware of how much money he had, the old man wanted to create something fun.

He and his wealthy friends were bored of their lifestyles and they needed something to occupy themselves with.

The Front Man (Lee Byung-hun) was heard telling Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), that the players were like horses being betted on.

The VIPS would spend their money choosing the people they thought would survive each game.

In one of the episodes, they are seen arriving in elaborate masks and are treated like royalty.

They are taken through to observe the glass stepping stones game in action, with policeman Hwang Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon) acting as one of their waitors.

One of the VIPs in particular takes a liking to the policeman and makes a number of advances at him.

Hwang Jun-ho used this as an opportunity to get information out of the man, and he threatened to kill him if he did not reveal everything he knew about the games.

It seems he got what he wanted, as the policeman was gone by the time The Front Man found the missing VIP.

Everyone present for the glass stepping stones game must have been a client of player 001.

At the end of the series he explained how his job was making wealthy people even richer, although he no longer seemed to enjoy it.

Seong Gi-hun was taken aback when the old man said he had created the games as something fun for him and his clients to observe.

However, the old man soon realised he would have more fun actually joining in, and so he made the decision to take part in all of the challenges.

This is why he was unable to greet the VIPs in person when they first arrived at the secret location.

Viewers had mixed reactions to the VIPs, with many commenting on how they did not add anything to the story.

Burgundypants took to Reddit to say: “I’ve seen this a few times in Korean cinema where it feels like they put in terrible English speaking actors.

“And I specifically mean the VIP scenes, I actually had to skip past those because they were so cringey to watch…”

Prehistoricious added: “The VIPs made me cringe. Really cartoonish with their immature quips.”

Squid Game is streaming on Netflix now.

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