St. Vincent Shares IDLES Remix Of Pay Your Way In Pain

St. Vincent recently released a new version of “Pay Your Way In Pain,” remixed by the post-punkers IDLES.

The original version of the song was the lead single from St. Vincent’s Best Alternative Album Grammy-nominated Daddy’s Home.

“What I really enjoy about the ‘Daddy’s Home’ album is using this camp energy in a really violent way,” Mark Bowen of IDLES explained. “This embracing of the nostalgic even the kitsch but using it to make progressive futuristic music.”

“It reminded me a lot of the energy of early house and techno but wrapped up in this early ’70s aesthetic,” he added. “I wanted to ramp up the camp and the violence in the remix but still maintain the sentiments and sensibilities of the original track.”

(Photo: Zackery Michael)

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